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Multiwii Bluetooth – Change Baud Rate with Arduino

One great thing about Multiwii is, you can connect it to your computer, or Android phone/tablet via Bluetooth! It means you can adjust PID and other settings via the wireless Bluetooth connection, and there is no USB connection required. However the Bluetooth module might require some change of default settings (baud rate) beforehand.

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PID Tuning using Transmitter Multiwii

The MultiWii flight control software has the built-in functionality of using an attached LCD for viewing and adjusting PID settings. That would make tuning PID values so much easier without connecting to the computer and use the GUI every time. Even you don’t have a LCD or OLED display, you can still do so by memorizing the steps of tuning the PID gains.

If you have a potentiometer on your transmitter, you might be also interested to this thread where people discussing the possibility of using that to tune PID values on the field.

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