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Setup Failsafe on Quadcopter – Flight Controller / Radio Receiver

It’s not the first time I heard someone had a quadcopter, lost radio signal, and it just flew away and never be found. This is why setting up failsafe properly is important when there is problem with your radio connection. There is also safety concern regarding what failsafe behaviour should be which we will discuss later.

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Naze32 PID Effects and Tuning on Quadcopter

Just like many other flight controller, when tuning PID I always start with P, then I, and lastly D. Sometimes I go back and find tune P and I, as D changes the effect P and I it has on the quadcopter. The concept of PID has been explained a few times in my previous post, and previous previous post. The Naze32 works pretty well straight out of the box, on my mini quad with stock PID. I did changed a few CLI parameters, before I start playing around with PID.

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