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Review – DYS Mini Quad Props and CrossHobby Propellers

I received some propellers to try out from DYS and Xperdrone (Hobby Cross). They have various sizes: 3 inch, 4 inch, 5 inch and 6 inch. I ran some thrust test on them comparing to HQ and Gemfan props of the same size, and also see how well they perform in real flights and how crash resistant they are.

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HQ5040 Prop on Mini Quad| Propellers Review

Today I finally had the chance to test the famous HQ5040 props on my mini quad. Having compared the Gemfan 5030 with the HQ5030, I liked the Gemfan 5030 better because it’s cheap and generates more thrust. I also like the HQ5030 propellers for the quality and stiffness, but I would love to get more lift out of these props. HQ5040 could be the answer, as it can generate even more thrust than the Gemfan 5030 props (according to the datasheet of the motors I use).

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[RC] 5030 Propellers Mounting on Prop-Saver or 2mm motor Shaft

I have recently had some experience mounting the hobbyking 5030 propellers on the prop savers that comes with the 2mm shaft micro motors (e.g. hextronic 1811 2000kv or the Turnigy 1811 2900kv) on my micro quadcopter. A lot of people complain about the likelihood of the o-ring get loose and the propeller drops, causing a aircraft crash. Not only you might lose the o-ring and propeller (it could fly away anywhere!), the crash could damage the plane.

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