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DIY Mini Quadcopter

This is a mini quadcopter that I built a while back. I tried to build a frame myself using polystyrene and  fibre glass rods, but it didn’t work as good as I expected. Later I replace it with a Hobbyking Micro quadcopter frame, which made a huge difference in stability.

After some PID fine tuning in the KK2.0 flight controller, it flies really well. I will attempt to rebuild the frame using more rigid material, and use my own made Arduino flight controller with Multiwii 2.2 loaded.

I recently built a upgrade version of the mini quad, check it out.

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Multiwii Loaded Arduino Nano Quadcopter Take Off Testing

After the arduino connection testing, all the parts seem working fine (IMU, arduino, receiver, ESC and motor). So the next step is to try to do a take off test. I need to build a flight controller adapter to sit all the electronics on it (IMU, Arduino etc), which can also cut down the number of cables I need to connect the ESCs and receiver. But I wanted to make sure the system works (can take off) before I spent time doing it, so I keep everything on a breadboard to carry out the test.

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Build an Arduino shield for Quadcopter – Arduino Adapter

I have been searching for ideas of making a Quadcopter Arduino flight controller Adapter to sit my Arduino nano board and the GY80, also have some header pins for motors and receiver to make the cabling tidy. There are a lot of Arduino shields people have designed for the Quadcopter.

I didn’t follow any of the designs. I actually didn’t follow any planned design, and solder the parts on the veroboard as I go along.

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