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Raspberry Pi Plex Media Center Using Rasplex

If you’re a Raspberry Pi media centre user and you have tried Raspbmc and had no luck, or want a alternative solution for a media center software, Raspberry Pi Plex or Rasplex might be the answer. 

What is the Raspberry Pi Plex or Rasplex

Rasplex is a Plex package for Raspberry Pi.  Plex itself is a package based on XBMC, but separates the front-end player from the back-end database, which means that you can have multiple client devices connected to one media server. It is a open, platform-independent home entertainment system. You can play media from any of the machines you have cluttering up the house using the RasPlex media server.

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Raspberry Pi Regional Keyboard Language and Time Zone Setting

Raspberry Pi Keyboard Layout for your country

Raspberry Pi users are all over the world. A lot of people ask how to change the keyboard layout to use symbol and characters in their country. It’s not difficult, but there are a few methods to this, some works for some people and some don’t. You might want to try one after another.

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How To Choose Raspberry Pi SD Cards For Best Performance

Raspberry Pi Performance Relates To SD Cards

The performance of the Raspberry Pi is heavily affected by how suitable the SD cards is, therefore it’s very important what SD card you should choose for the Raspberry Pi. There are many verified Raspberry Pi SD cards you can choose from. Although very much it’s down to what do you want to use your Pi for, but to tell which is the best we need to look at a few things.

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How To Play Video On Raspberry Pi?

How to play video on Raspberry Pi?

The first few things you want to do on the Pi is probably to play video on it. Play Video on Raspberry Pi is actually quite easy. You can use a media player called “omxplayer”. This software comes with Wheezy or Raspbian by default. To play video simply type in this command in the terminal.

omxplayer -o hdmi /path/to/filename.mp4

The -o hdmi enables sounds output on the HDMI port.

If it doesn’t work or you don’t think it’s installed, you can try to follow the instructions here to download and install it.

With this player, you don’t even need to enter the GUI (StartX) to play the videos! really awesome stuff.

Alternatively you can install XBMC instead. It’s a great Media center software which is also plays videos. I wrote a post about it here.

Turning Raspberry Pi Into Gaming Console Project Compilation

Raspberry Pi Gaming Console

Raspberry Pi is cheap and full of possibilities. There are many fun exciting projects that people have done on the Raspberry Pi, one of them I found really creative is turning the Raspberry Pi into gaming console.

Many classic gaming console have been made by clever raspbery pi users. I have made a list of these interesting  projects I found on the internet. Let me know if I am missing any awesome projects in this post.

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Safe Raspberry Pi Power Supply

Why Decent Raspberry Pi Power Supply So Important?

If your Raspberry Pi Power Supply is not good enough, you will probably encounter this embarrassing situations.

  • The raspberry Pi will not turn on, because the power supply does not meet the minimum power requirement.
  • The raspberry Pi restarts itself when you are plugging in USB devices, like a mouse or keyboard. Some USB devices draw quite a lot of power, if your power doesn’t supply enough current, the Raspberry Pi might suffer a blowout.
  • If you become so demanding on your raspberry Pi’s performance, and you want to over-clock your raspberry Pi? You will not be able to do it because you are not supplying enough current. The faster the raspberry Pi runs, the more current it draws, so you may again suffer from an electrical blowout.

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Raspberry Pi Color Tracking Using PID

In this project I implemented OpenCV color recognition on the Raspberry Pi that uses PID to control the pan-tilt servo system. In this post, I will explain briefly how color tracking works, and how to use PID control algorithm to improve tracking performance. Like my previous face recognition tutorial, I will be using the Wall-E robot in this Raspberry Pi Color Tracking project as an example.

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