OpenTX Radio Mixer for Wings (Taranis, TX16S, T16)

by Oscar

A flying wing needs mixer setting up in your radio for Aileron and Elevator to work correctly. Using flight controller you might not need to worry about this, but without an FC you’ll have to set this up manually.

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Depending on what radio you have, the setup process can be different.

For Spectrum, simply go to wing tail mix and activate ‘Elevon’.

For Flysky i6: go to Functions menu -> Elevons and activate them.

If you are using an OpenTX transmitter like the TX16S, T16 and Taranis, it’s slightly more work than other systems, as you’d have to do this manually.

Simply duplicate a quadcopter model, and apply the following Mixer settings, and that’s it.

It’s recommended to add some Expo to Aileron and Elevon for more precise control (E25% and E35% in the following image).

Reference for OpenTX.

That’s it, if you want more detail, check out Flitetest’s video:

Let me know if you have any questions.

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Rotorgeek 14th December 2022 - 3:26 pm

Old thread but the most relevant I could find. I have an X9D+ on 2.0.20 with many models using mixing setups like you described here. I’d like to update the firmware but companion messes up the mixer settings badly when it pulls them from the radio. Same when it reads it from an EEPE file.
Is there a workaround to transfer the old mixer settings into the new OTX format? Thx!

Hernani Manuel M T Pereira 13th January 2020 - 6:39 pm

Em Setembro, Outubro de 2019, comprei um Jumper T16, que me foi entregue em Novembro, principios de Dezembro, salvo erro.
Entrei no Rádio Comtrol em 1972, com um Motoplanador de 2 Ch e um TX Graupner 2 Ch em 27 Am e gôndola com mtr OS 1,7.
Desde esse tempo até hoje muitas dezenas de rádios me passaram pelas mãos, nenhum com open protocol.
O meu T 16 não trazia qualquer instrução, e tenho tentado programar o dito com erros muitos e poucos louros.
Com esta ajuda, hoje descoberta, penso vir a conseguir mexer no rádio com compreesão.
Desde já muito obrigado Oscar Liang.
Pode desde já contar com a minha ajuda.
Stukanico 13.01.2020