This Blog is 1 Year Old! And 1 Million Page Views!

by Oscar


This blog went live today last year, and it has been growing so rapidly especially the last 6 months. Until today, there has been 689,000 visitors, and 1 million page views!

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This is not the first website I have ever setup, but it has been the most successful. It is such an exciting experience to do something, that so many people from all over the world have found useful and appreciate.

What have I done since the blog started?

Originally the blog was only for logging Arduino and electronics projects. For some reasons it started to attract visitors, people who left comments and asked questions. Realising it could be useful to other people, I started to post almost everything I did and learned, mainly electronics related stuff, whether it’s a product review, a project, or a tutorial.

At first I wasn’t particularly interested in getting lots of visitors, but with the increase in traffic and I learned about SEO too. Looking for good topics, good keywords and organise the content well really help people finding your website from search engines. This is where the site traffic start to grow.

English is not my first language, and blogging has been a great exercise for my English writing.

This blog has also allowed me to develop my technical skills. To update my blog and publish new content, I had to force myself to learn new stuff, and enter fields that I was not familiar with. Programming, Linux, Android App, Robotics, Web Development, Quadcopter, Raspberry Pi, lots of soldering (nightmare)… So many new concepts and ideas that I would never even know if it wasn’t for the blog.

Not only it has encouraged my learning, people who visits our blog also have been leaving me comments, some with kind words, some with ideas, advice and inspirations. And I am very grateful for that.


I will keep writing reviews of all sorts of products, project logs, and tutorials. Not too many changes to the blog, but I think I will improve the current blog forum and make it more functional for blog visitors, a great place for people to share knowledge and exchange ideas.

If you have any good ideas, or things you want to see on this blog in the future, please leave me a message!

Thanks everyone for your support!

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