Can Tiny Whoop Run Betaflight or Cleanflight?

by Oscar

Tiny Whoop is great, but how about running Betaflight or Cleanflight on it? Now it’s possible and there is more than one option.

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With these small brushed flight controllers, you can swap out the original board on the Tiny Whoop.

The benefits of running these Betaflight or Cleanflight compatible FC on your micro quads are:

  • It gives you total control on PID, Rates, Expo and other settings, even taking advantages of all the filters goodness
  • It could support Frsky Radio (such as Taranis) without the need of a Spektrum module or radio, by selecting the RX you’d like

For Spec Comparison between this boards, check out this post.

Option 1 – NUKE Brushed Flight Controller by FuriousFPV

Spec and detail of the Nuke FC is pretty much covered in this post on IntoFPV. (IntoFPV is a great forum, me and many other members constantly post the latest FPV news and product info on there, so make sure you register an account and check it regularly :D )

The NUKE weights 1.5g, dimension is 16mm x 16mm. You have to buy a micro radio receiver, which normally weights around 1g to 2g, the total weight of the FC+RX combo would be around 2.5g to 3g with the NUKE.

FuriousFPV is also making their own micro RX that is compatible with Frsky radios. I am not sure if this setup or FC would support Spektrum though at this stage.

The NUKE actually has 6 FETS and supports 8.5mm motors, so it has a much wider applications such as a larger brushed quadcopter or hexacopter.

There is no news on the price yet on the NUKE or micro RX yet, but my guess is the combo would cost something between $40 to $50.

nuke fc furious fpv tiny whoop inductrix micro brushed quad

Image from FuriousFPV Facebook page

Option 2 – BeeBrain FC by NewBeeDrone

Designed specifically for the Inductrix blade frame, the BeeBrain runs Cleanflight or Betaflight. It has a built-in radio receiver also, which you can choose to get the DSMX (Spektrum) or Frsky (Taranis) version at purchasing.

This is probably an easier solution to the NUKE, as there seems to be no soldering required to get it to work by the look of it.

Product Page – Priced at $50, I don’t think it would be any cheaper than the NUKE setup.

BeeBrain Cleanflight Betaflight Flight Control Tiny Whoop Inductrix micro quad

Image from NewBeeDrone website

Option 3 – AcroWhoop FC

Again by FuriousFPV, this is a F3 based FC for the Inductrix. It requires an external RX though compared to the Bee Brain. For more detail:

Option 4 – Beecore F3 FC

It’s only $29, available in Frsky/Spektrum versions. USB port appears to be on the top of the board so should be compatible with Inductrix as well as the E010 frames. For more detail:

How about an 8.5mm version Big Whoop?

Check out Whoopee – a 3D printed ducted frame that runs 8.5mm brushed motors.

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Phillip Powell 13th April 2017 - 8:33 pm

Hi I recently bought an E010S Eachine as I had read of problems binding with the Taranis version I opted for the Spektrum DSM version as I have a module for my Taranis.
While the board appears to bind with the TX going by the changing led config I have no control or at least I don’t appear to as I can’t arm the beast.
So I thought as the instructions ( a term I use advisedly) mention using it to change the arming config I am somewhat new to this sort of thing and so when I loaded up Cleanflight I was somewhat surprised to find I was stone walled no entry without firmware upgrade how do I get passed this unhelpful impass.

Ryder Dopp 10th November 2016 - 3:16 am

The Nuke FC only has 4 FETS. Dont know how that rummer started but they have repeatedly said only 4 not 6. It is actually now out and costs $36.95. Also Furious FPV Actually makes a board specially for the whoop besides the nuke.

Oscar 15th November 2016 - 5:59 pm

in their original plan they wanted to make 6 Fets