Tiny Whoop Flight Controllers Comparison

A comparison chart of the currently available flight controllers for Inductrix Tiny Whoop and Eachine E010 size brushed micro quadcopters.

Update: Why spend time building tiny whoop when you can just buy one ready to fly? Here are some of the best Tiny Whoops on the market.

We covered briefly the options for running Betaflight/Cleanflight on the Tiny Whoop, Inductrix and E010 size frames. And here is a more detail spec comparison chart of these FC’s.

FC Price MCU/Sensor Weight Supported Frames w/o mods Integrated RX Built-in 5V BEC FET Rating
BeeBrain V1 $50 F1/MPU6500 (Target: Naze32) 3.0g Inductrix DMSX or Frsky No 2A
AcroWhoop $45 F3/MPU6000 (Target: PIKO BLX) 3.4g Inductrix, E010 Frsky Yes, 1A 6.3A
BeeCore $32 F3/MPU6500 (Target: EVO) 3.0g Inductrix, E010 DMS2 or Frsky or Flysky No unknown
NUKE $37 F3/MPU6000 (Target: PIKO BLX) 1.9g none No Yes, 1A 6.3A
BetaFPV V1.1 $30 F3/MPU6500 (Target: PIKO BLX) 2.8 unknown Frsky unknown unknown
AlienWhoop V2 $50 F7/MPU9250
(target: ALIENWHOOPF7)
unknown Inductrix, E010 DMS2, DSMX or Frsky or Flysky unknown 9.5A

Purely from the specification, AcroWhoop is the most outstanding. It has built-in RX, and it supports Telemetry so you can monitor LiPo voltage from your TX, and even setup warning. It has a better MPU (MPU6500 can be noisy), and the STM32 F3 processor has just given it a boost in performance. However it’s nearly 1 gram heavier than BeeBrain and Beecore, and it’s a pretty big deal in Tiny Whoop quads.


The BeeBrain doesn’t support E010 frames due to the placement of USB port.


NUKE FC can fit on the Inductrix and E010 frames, however more DIY are required to get it working. Also you will need to find an external RX, either Spektrum Sat or Frsky SBUS (doesn’t support PPM). It’s probably more suitable for some other DIY micro brushed quads.


BeeCore is the cheapest option here, and it supports both E010 and Tiny Whoop frames. There are 3 different RX options, making it the most flexible FC in the list.

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  • Nov 2016 – article created
  • Aug 2017 – updated with 2 new FC

18 thoughts on “Tiny Whoop Flight Controllers Comparison

  1. justAprop

    Why still invest in a tiny whoop when there are so much good micro brushless quads? My King Kong GT90 performance better in every single way and it costs 2/3 of the price of a thiny whoop. Sry dude, but the end of the tiny whoop era is near….. ;-)

    1. Dave

      Whoops fly really smooth indoors, whipping around the house, between chair legs, etc. They’re really quiet, nearly indestructible, don’t hurt when they hit someone, and they’re TINY. Brushless micro quads are fine, but more power and more speed isn’t always better. Whoops are a lot of fun. Sry dude, but the end of the tiny whoop era is nowhere in sight.

    2. Michael Morgan

      Sry Dude, tiny whoops thrive 1.5 years later. 255g mean anything? One local “hot shot’ “star” “ace” lost an eye flying into his own face. Sry I laughed. Thanks to “dudes” like this, the FCC is getting prepared to shut it down. We need better than clown farts to defend the hoppy. Idiots ruin so much.

  2. Asterios Anagnostou

    Hey everyone! A quick question. I’ve modified the heck out of my inductrix and the latest mod, to get more flight time, was trimming my props to two blades. It increased flight time by 1 minute, which was great, but now it oscillates like a paint mixer. Will one of these fc’s help me fix this issue? Someone mentioned on YouTube that it’s the p factor causing the oscillation, especially since I have 17k motors, and that you can tune the board to compensate. Which boards are the most user friendly for tuning and do you think this will work? Thanks in advance!

  3. GomenKitfo

    The Acro-woop is bad ass. I didn’t notice the weight difference. I did notice the board looks complicated as hell when compared to the BeeBrain. The receiver is also a add on board. The thing seems to suck an incredible amount of juice. I’m not sure the telemetry info is worth it to me. I have definitely experienced decreased flight time. So far the bee brain has been the best option for me

  4. Brandon

    I got the beecore and built my tiny whoop. And I loved it it was great I loved flying around I had about 10 flights on it. Then all of a sudden anytime I plugged in the battery the motors just kept spinning up it didn’t matter if the transmitter was turned on or off armed or unarmed any kind of power going to it and the motors would just spend up. I can’t seem to get it to stop which means currently it’s not flyable. What can I try to get this thing back on the air? I’ve already gone back through the rebinding process and even reset the board but nothing seems to work. Am I doing something wrong or do I have a bad board?

  5. ido

    Great overview, I am looking into getting another FC for my tiny whoop.

    I am seeing that all FC’s wont work with a EU version of Taranis, what options does someone with an EU Taranis have, without stating the obvious (flashing my Taranis with non EU firmware).

  6. koss

    Technically that’s not all the options — There’s the Makerfire – amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/B01M72IXMU and This one supposedly fits and is very cheap gearbest.com/multi-rotor-parts/pp_590130.html?wid=21 maybe others?

  7. ScottAllyn

    The BeeBrain works great in an E010 frame, with full access to the USB port with just a tiny bit of trimming. Simply trim the battery tray front stop so that a battery can slide in from either direction, then install the BeeBrain rotated 180 degrees so that the front of the frame is now the back. The USB port may still contact one of the top braces on the battery tray, but that won’t prevent a USB connector from going in… and a few swipes with a needle file will fix even that:




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