The Best Tiny Whoop 31mm Propeller Shoot-out

by Oscar

I tested a bunch of 31mm propellers for tiny whoops, and comparing their thrust, current draw and efficiency. We have propellers from HQ, Gemfan, HBFPV and Kingkong.

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I also tested 2″ and 2.5″ propellers in this post.

HQProp 31MMX3

HQProp 31MMX4

  • Product Page
  • Max Thrust (per motor): 18.0g
  • Efficiency: 1.67g/watt

HQProp Micro Whoop Prop 1.2X1.3X4

  • Product Page
  • Max Thrust (per motor): 18.9g
  • Efficiency: 1.6g/watt

Gemfan 1219X3

Gemfan 1220X4


  • Product Page: Banggood
  • Max Thrust (per motor): 19.5g
  • Efficiency: 1.59g/watt

Kingkong 4-Blade

  • Product Page
  • Max Thrust (per motor): 19.5
  • Efficiency: 1.62g/watt


Overall the most powerful 31mm Tiny Whoop propeller seems to be the Gemfan 1219×3. Not only it produces the most thrust, it’s also the most efficient in all the props tested, especially in high end throttle.

Anyway, I recommend trying all these props and decide for yourself :) They are pretty cheap anyway. Thrust is not the only factor and there are so much more to consider, such as grip and responsiveness.

The thrust difference might not look like a lot (all within 10g difference), but if you look at the weight of a tiny whoop, which tends to be around 20g, that “little” thrust makes a pretty big impact to performance.

Surprisingly the cheap HB31 and Kingkong 4-blade from Banggood perform pretty decently in terms of power. They are extremely similarly in both performance and appearance (except the hub). I have a feeling they might be from the same OEM manufacturer.

The 31mmx3 and 31mmx4 are the latest offering from HQ, they seem to have put focus on efficiency and responsiveness over power in these props. Although they don’t have the most impressive thrust numbers, they are very smooth props and very responsive.

Thrust – 4 motors total

Efficiency = thrust / power

Here is the video of the test, containing all the data if you want to find out more:

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Chris 22nd April 2021 - 4:41 am

What motors were you running what kv?

Oscar 22nd April 2021 - 12:01 pm

0802 20000kv

Lorin Wingtips 4th October 2020 - 6:42 am

Mad Props for posting this! I also want to see how the Azi props would compare. I picked up almost a full minute flight time on my Echine QX65 when I switched to Azi tri propellers from the stock windwackers.

David Fpv 29th July 2020 - 6:12 pm

Would love to see newbeedrone Azi tri-blade and Azi quad blades in this test. Imo there better than any on the list