Review: ToolkitRC M9 LiPo Charger (It can speak!)

by Oscar
Toolkitrc M9 Lipo Charger Startup Logo

The ToolkitRC M9 is probably the first LiPo charger ever that can talk! It’s a powerful 600W device and has a ton of features including dual USB fast charging, wide angle colour display, signal tester, battery checker and watt meter.

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I believe the ToolkitRC M9 is the successor of the M8, they added many more new features to it and made it more powerful.

Where to Buy?

Toolkitrc M9 Lipo Charger Unbox

Features and Specs


  • Customizable voice sound files and Start-up screen
  • High charging power: 600W 2-8S Capable
  • 2.4″ colour flip screen for wide viewing angle
  • Dual USB Fast Charging
  • Balance charging
  • Digital signal generator/detector for testing
  • Battery voltage checker
  • Watt meter

Here’s a demo of the M9 talking to me :)


  • USB-A & USB-C Outputs: 5-20V@65W PD QC PPS AFC SCP
  • Power supply: 1.0-20A@1-35V mode: CC+CV
  • Signal Tester:
    • SBUS: 880-2200us*16CH @20-100Hz
    • PPM: 880-2200us*8CH @20-50Hz
    • PWM: 880-2200us @20-400Hz
  • Signal Generator:
    • SBUS: 880-2200us*16CH @74Hz
    • PWM: 500-2500us @20-1000Hz
    • PPM: 880-2200us*8CH @50Hz
  • Battery Type: LiPo LiHV LiFe Lion LTO@1-8S
  • Discharging Power:
    • 0.1-20A@600W Recycle External
    • 0.1-3A@20W Normal Mode
  • Charging Power: 0.1-20A@600W
  • LCD: 2.4*IPS RGB 320*240 Pixel
  • Balance Current: [email protected]
  • ESC: 1-20A@1-35V MAX 600W
  • NiMh @1-20S Pb @1-10S
  • Voltage: 1.0V-5.0V@1-6S
  • Input: 7-35V@MAX35A

Closer Look at the ToolkitRC M9 Charger

You can customize and upload your own logo for the start up screen.

Toolkitrc M9 Lipo Charger Startup Logo

Charger is easy to use with the sturdy metal scroll wheel and push button.

Toolkitrc M9 Lipo Charger Scroll Wheel Button The ToolkitRC M9 charger only takes DC input (7-35V) via an XT60 connector. You can power it from a large LiPo battery in the field and charge smaller batteries (field charging). If you are planning to use this indoor, you probably want to get an AC to DC adapter/power supply, such as the P200.

There’s a micro SD card inside the charger which stores all the audio files. You can replace those files with your own to create your unique sound pack. You can also change the startup logo file there too.

Toolkitrc M9 Lipo Charger Input

Output is also an XT60 with balance port. You can charge 1 LiPo at a time, but with the help of a parallel charging board such as the HGLRC Thor board, you can charge multiple packs at once.

There’s a servo port for signal testing and generation, including common signals like PWM, PPM and SBUS. You can use this to test servos, ESC, FC, radio receiver etc.

Also there are USB-C and USB-A ports for charging your USB devices. USB port can also be used to update the firmware on the charger by connecting it to your computer. Latest firmware file can be found on ToolkitRC’s website, under download section.

Toolkitrc M9 Lipo Charger Output

Here’s the manual if you like to learn more.

Toolkitrc M9 Lipo Charger Manual

The charging interface and operation are almost identical to other LiPo chargers from ToolkitRC. It’s easy to use and I have nothing to complain about.

You can flip the screen too so it’s easier to view.

Toolkitrc M9 Lipo Charger Operation If you don’t like using parallel charging board, or if you want a charger that can take AC input out of the box, you might want to check out the M6DAC instead. It’s currently my go-to charger because of its versatility :)

Voltage Accuracy

I measured and compared the voltage accuracy of the charger to my calibrated digital multimeter. Here’s the result:

Charger DMM
Input (XT60) 14.23 14.22
Output (XT60) 22.93 22.93
Balance 1 3.822 3.820
Balance 2 3.847 3.845
Balance 3 3.825 3.827
Balance 4 3.804 3.803
Balance 5 3.811 3.811
Balance 6 3.811 3.807

To sum it up, the ToolkitRC M9 charger is really accurate, I don’t think I need to change anything. But if you found your unit isn’t accurate enough, you can always calibrate it.

The M9 supports up to 8S LiPo, but I wasn’t able to test the 7th and 8th pins of the balance port because I don’t have any 8S battery. Anyway I think the majority of the people use 4S and 6S so I wouldn’t worry about it really.

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Dudesonads 9th December 2022 - 5:07 am

Hey Oscar, thank you so much for all these amazing reviews. Between M9 and M7AC, which one would you pick if you can pick one only? I already have my trusty iSDT D1 (also AC/DC), but I want to buy a backup charger. M9 and M7AC are pretty same price here in Canada at the moment. I know M9 does not have AC option, but overall it seems like a much nicer finished product. What is your valuable opinion on this? Thank you so much in advance!

Trupik 22nd January 2022 - 6:39 pm

Damn… why useless functions like music player in charger?! What about charger with spout?
i’m waiting for quality charger with NFC reader or QR scanner. Just scan battery & charger automatically set current, voltage & other parameters for every battery.