Tools to Keep You Warm Flying Outdoor in the Winter

Stop getting Numb fingers in the cold winter, and still enjoy flying outdoor with your quadcopter! Here are some products that might help you stay warm.

These are the things I purchased recently, maybe there are also other cool tools that can keep you warm while flying outside, please let me know!

RC Transmitter Glove/Hood/Muff

The most effective way of keeping your hands warm would be using a Transmitter glove or muff that isolates your hands from cold air. There are a few options out there.

I really like the Turnigy Transmitter Muff from Hobbyking, it should be easy to fold and fit in my backpack, but it seems a little too small for my Taranis TX. The Turnigy Transmitter Glove from HK is big enough for ANY transmitter, but it looks a bit bulky for a backpacker like me.

So in the end I bought the Transmitter Glove from BG instead, it’s very similar to the Turnigy one, but bigger in size.

wtotoy-Warm-Glove-Cold-Air-Shield-Hood-Hand-Warmer-for-RC-Heli-Transmitter-Black wtotoy-Warm-Glove-Cold-Air-Shield-Hood-Hand-Warmer-for-RC-Heli-Transmitter-Black-back wtotoy-transmitter-rc-tx-glove-muff-hood-taranis

It works great and feels warm and comfortable. The transparent plastic allows you to see the TX screen with TX inside the glove, but it sometimes interferes with my sticks. Maybe insert some kind of cardboard in there to hold the plastic bit up and raise the height.

transmitter-rc-tx-glove-muff-hood-taranis transmitter-rc-tx-glove-muff-hood-antenna transmitter-rc-tx-glove-muff-hood

Peacock Hand Warmer

Another great item for winter outdoor activity is the Peacock hand warmer from hobbyking. They run off lighter fuel, and lasts for hours each charge.

The cap seems to come off very easily which it shouldn’t. The plastic filing cap has two lines for measuring, first line is around 6mL, second line is aroun 12mL. with 12mL of Zippo fuel the hand warmer stayed warm for about 10 to 12 hours.

You have to put the hand warmer in a Velveteen Bag, because they get quite hot and you could burn your hands touching them directly for too long.

peacock-hand-warmer  peacock-hand-warmer-take-apart

peacock-hand-warmer-parts peacock-hand-warmer-instruction

There are tons of tutorial and demonstration how hand warmer works, so check it out.

2 thoughts on “Tools to Keep You Warm Flying Outdoor in the Winter

  1. Maxime

    Hi Oscar,
    Another very cheap solution to keep hands warm is to buy first price polar gloves and to cut half of the thumbs. It is perfect for mid-season temperatures.



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