Top 5 Best Mini Quad ESC’s

In this article we will recommend some of the best mini quad ESC based on my personal experience as well as community feedback and reviews. We will cover the pro’s and con’s of each ESC, and what should consider for your next build!

Before you begin, make sure you have a basic understanding about Mini Quad ESC. For other latest popular racing drone products, check out the “Top 5 Best” lists.

I compiled the specification of all ESC’s for mini quad in this spreadsheet so you can compare them more closely.

Common key features of popular ESC’s are:

  • DShot support out of the box (as well as all other ESC protocols)
  • High current rating (30A-40A)
  • Small and light weight

What to look for?

  • Lots of capacitors (more capacitance). Although there are many factors that can cause noise in an ESC, more capacitors (higher total capacitance) is always a good thing to keep the noise down
  • Bigger MOSFET’s usually means the ESC can handle higher voltage and current, making the ESC more durable and being able to withstand more abuses. MOSFET size is especially important for high voltage rigs such as 6S

Regardless, always use low ESR capacitors on your ESC power. This will ensure you get the best possible performance out of your quad. If you are using single ESC, add a cap to each ESC. Bigger is always better. Typically we use 470uF, but if size is a problem, 220uF would do too, it’s better than nothing. For 4in1 ESC, a single 1000uF should be enough in most cases.

Spedix IS30 ESC


These are only $10 each, and they have really good performance (low noise). But these are quite old, only support up to 4S and DShot600. But if you are looking for cheap ESC for a budget build, consider these.

Racerstar RS30A V2 ESC

Racerstar 30A Best Mini Quad ESC


The Racerstar RS30A V2 is another affordable ESC’s I’d recommend, and the quality is actually quite decent. It supports DShot and Multishot out of the box without any modification making it really convenient to use compared to other older BLHeli_S ESC.

The RS30A are actually just rebranded Cicada 30A, and there is a smaller 20A version if you are looking for lighter / less powerful ESC’s.

The Racerstar RS30A V2 is capable of running DShot600 ESC protocol and supports 2S-4S input voltage.

Holybro Tekko32 35A / Airbot Wraith V2

Shop: BanggoodAmazon

The Holybro Tekko32 35A ESC is another BLHeli_32 ESC that I have personally tested without any issues over a course of 3 months. While the performance of different ESC’s these days are extremely similar, reliability becomes the key factor when choosing an ESC.

Build quality is just beautiful, and the solder pad layout is very convenient: ESC signal, signal ground and telemetry pads are all located on the edge of the ESC. More importantly, you can solder on both sides of the board!

The TekkoS32 35A weighs only 5g, it supports 2S to 6S voltage input, and there are built-in RBG LED’s.

They are identical to the Airbot Wraith V2, just under different branding.

Aikon AK32 35A ESC


Aikon is another great brand I personally like that makes reliable products. I’ve been using the AK32 35A ESC’s for months and haven’t had any issues with them. These are simple and plain BLHeli_32 ESC’s without all the fancy LED’s.

While I really like the AK32 ESC for its great reliability, the solder pads are only available on one side of the ESC which can be slightly less flexible at times, but it’s not a big deal.

The Aikon AK32 35A ESC is rated for 2S to 6S voltage, and the burst current rating is up to 45A (10 seconds).

Best 4-in-1 ESC’s

4-in-1 ESC’s are getting more and more reliable, and I have been using them on some of my latest builds with great result. 4in1 ESC are generally cheaper and lighter than using 4 individual ESC’s. The soldering and wiring are also more convenient. However the obvious downside is, if one ESC breaks you will have to replace the whole board.

Here are some 4in1 ESC’s that I’ve personally had good experience with.

Hobbywing XRotor Micro 60A

Hobbywing is a strong player in the 4in1 ESC market and this Hobbywing XRotor Micro 60A ESC is probably one of their most popular products. Features including DShot1200, beefy FET’s, direct pins for a low ESR capacitor, and you can either use the connector for a plug-n-play setup, or direct solder to the flight controller. If budget isn’t an issue for you, this is a serious contender to consider.

Buy: Amazon| GetFPV | RMRC | Banggood

HGLRC FD_45 4in1 ESC

Not the cleanest ESC, but these are compact 4in1 ESC with 20x20mm mounting holes, and pretty powerful with 45A current rating and 6S support. It’s small enough to fit in 3″ builds.

Build | Buy: Banggood

Aikon AK32 35A 4in1 BLHeli_32 ESC

Review | Shop: Amazon

The Aikon AK32 4-in-1 is one of the most reliable BLHeli_32 4in1 ESC’s that are available today. It has a built-in current sensor, ESC telemetry capability, and a 5V BEC. It uses a JST header connector for the signals to the FC, instead of solder pads. Note that this ESC is considerably wider than a standard 36x36mm board, so it requires extra room in a frame.

I have been using the AK32 35A 4in1 ESC on 6S and it just works.

Aikon SEFM 30A 4in1 BLHeli_S ESC

Shop: GetFPV

The Aikon SEFM 30A 4in1 is a pretty old product (anything more than 6 months in this industry is considered “old”), but it’s a “tried and tested” ESC that is proven to work.

The board is a standard 36x36mm size so you won’t need to worry about space. Signal connection is very flexible, you can either use the solder pads, or the plastic header. There is an onboard 12V voltage regulator which is also a great addition.

Holybro Tekko32 4in1 ESC

Review | Shop: Banggood | RDQ Amazon | GetFPV

I have been using the Tekko32 30A 4in1 in my ultralight racer for a while now and it’s been great. It works great with the Kakute F4/F7 FC, one cable and you are done! They are actually being sold as a combo and I think it’s a pretty sweet solution.

Racerstar REV35 35A 4in1 BLHeli_S ESC

Shop: Banggood, Amazon

The Racerstar REV35 35A 4in1 is one of the cheapest 4in1 ESC in this list. Interestingly it has an identical appearance to the Holybro TekkoS 4in1 we previously recommended, it’s probably just a rebranded product.

Top ESC’s In The Past


Review | Shop: GetFPV, Amazon

The KISS ESC’s are well known for their excellent performance and top notch build quality. The KISS 32A ESC’s are the latest version from Flyduino to replace the previous 24A version, improvements include 6S support, more robust hardware and improved performance.

The Kiss 32A is the only ESC in this list that isn’t running BLHeli_S or BLHeli_32 firmware, and KISS ESC’s are not particularly popular among Betaflight users. However they are the recommended option if you want to use KISS FC for the most consistent performance and the highest level of smoothness.

The main downsides for me right now are probably the high price, large form factor and longevity.

The KISS 32A is capable of running DShot2400, and is rated for 2S-6S


To be honest most latest ESC’s these days perform similarly well, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the choices mentioned.

Update History

  • March 2017 – article created
  • Oct 2017 – added Betaflight BLHeli_32 ESC, removed DYS XSD 30A v2
  • Mar 2018 – list updated
  • Aug 2018 – list updated
  • May 2020 – added new product

29 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Mini Quad ESC’s

  1. joe

    @ Vern
    “I can’t seem to find any ESC-s not meant for RC applications. I just want to control a damn motor without having to “arm the esc” and all the safety features. Any clues?”

    Simply get a $2 servo tester to control the speed of the esc, the are is for your safety, you just need to be at min throttle (so you dont power up and mow through your body.

  2. Lawrence

    Hey Oscar, all of your articles are so well written and informative! I lost so much time reading them (esp. the “how to choose esc” one). And I am now in Bali for vacation. So you can imagine how distractive this site is.
    Keep this up man!
    P.S I hope you can update some of the list at least once a year.

  3. Vern

    Hi there!

    I can’t seem to find any ESC-s not meant for RC applications. I just want to control a damn motor without having to “arm the esc” and all the safety features.

    Any clues?

  4. Hendrik


    In the excel-sheet I see ESCs that have a current sensor, but no telemetry.
    What’s the point of the current sensor then? How does the current reading make its way into the Flight controller?

    1. Oscar Post author

      In this case, the current sensor can still be used for “current limiting”. But You are right, it’s pretty dumb not to provide telemetry because it’s just a pinout as far as i now.

    1. ZeeBeeFPV

      Yes they are, I just looked over both of them trying to find a difference but they are the same. Mine is a Wraith 32 “Kamikaze” brand from Underground against a holybro-packaged version. Good!!
      Looking forward to teying these out I have read/seen good things about them.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Where I fly is full of tall grasses so Turtle mode isn’t possible, so I haven’t tried it yet.

  5. Carl-Ulrich Stoltz

    Please include a statement on the noise the Esc create as this is always a hassle when you track down the source of your “disturbed” video

  6. Max

    How about an update for the esc list? Since most brands have their BlHeli_32 Escs out,it doesn´t make sense to me to look at the BlHeli_S variants. The price difference is too small for that. But there are many Escs out there, that support BlHeli_32 but don´t have a current sensor or telemetry pad, so it gets a little time consuming to sort them out…

    So I would love an update here, if you got the time someday.

    greets from Germany

    1. Oscar Post author

      Yea that’s on my to-do list :)
      it’s tough to keep up because I have at least 10 other articles I am writing at the same time constantly!

    1. Oscar Post author

      They are all great ESC’s, get whichever you can get your hands on :) except KISS, i would probably only get it if you run KISS FC :)

      1. Carl

        The Emax bullets are very noisey. Small yes, but I wouldn’t recommend them. Surprised they made the list.

      2. Oscar Post author

        I personally have been using them since March and they’ve been solid for me (same set of ESC’s still working great today).
        I have not noticed any noise problem in flight, nor in my FPV video, at all.
        To be honest all that matters is how they perform in actual flights, I will only take these bench testing as a grain of salt.
        It’s hard to say how much effect the noise shown in an oscilloscope would do in actual flights until you really test it in a quad.

      3. Alon

        I’ve had bad experience with the 30A bullet. They are great while they are working but 4 of them died on me (including two that actually burst into flames).

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