Top 5 Best Mini Quad ESC’s

We get many requests to recommend the best mini quad ESC, so we created these “Top 5 Best” lists to feature some of the best products based on community feedback, polls and reviews. In this article, we feature five of the top ESC’s that you should consider for your next build!

The ESC’s recommended here are chosen by us because they scored top votes in our recent Facebook poll (group: Multicopter International), as well as consideration on their features and performance. Anyway, please do your research how to choose ESC before making the decision.

Common key features these ESC’s all have are:

  • DShot support out of the box (as well as all other ESC protocols)
  • High current rating (at least 30A, except KISS at 24A)
  • Small and light weight

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Racerstar RS30A V2 ESC

Racerstar 30A Best Mini Quad ESC

The Racerstar RS30A V2 is a tried and tested ESC by many. It’s probably one of the most popular ESC’s for mini quads currently due to its low price and decent quality. Besides, it supports DShot and Multishot out of the box without any mods making it really convenient to use. Note: They are the same as Cicada 30A (rebrands). There is also a smaller 20A version.

It’s DShot600 capable, runs on 2S-4S.



KISS 24A Best Mini Quad ESC

The Kiss 24A Race Edition ESC was released back in Dec 2015, and popularity still remains thanks to its excellent performance. It’s the only ESC in the list that isn’t running BLHeli_S firmware. The KISS 24A is well known for its smoothness and simplicity to use (no frequent firmware updates, no need to change settings). Features such as ESC telemetry makes it a unique ESC on the market. The main downsides for me right now are probably the large form factor and longevity.

KISS 24A is able to run DShot600, and 2S-5S.

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Betaflight BLHeli_32 ESC

All other ESC’s we recommend on this page run BLHeli_S firmware. BLHeli_32 is the latest firmware and will have more features and performance. However it’s still at an early stage and the difference between BLHeli_32 and BLHeli_S doesn’t seem to be big enough for people to update.

In our latest survey, the Wraith ESC turned out to be the top BLHeli 32-bit ESC. However we believe the reason is because of its early release. The Betaflight BLHeli_32 ESC’s are basically the Wraith with some improvements, thus we’d like to recommend them here.

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Emax Bullet 30A ESC

Maybe one of the smallest and lightest in its class, the EMAX Bullet 30A weights only 3.9g. Comes with heatsink to cool down the FET’s as well as extra strength against physical damage. And the price is not bad at all comparing to other ESC’s.

The Emax Bullet 30A supports DShot600, and runs on 2S-4S.

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Spedix 30A HV ESC

The Spedix HV 30A ESC is probably one of the best price for quality ESC in the market right now (slightly cheaper than the Racerstar). It’s also smaller than the average 30A ESC, yet compatible with up to 6S Lipo input. Like many other ESC’s, they provides solder pads so you don’t have to remove those pre-soldered wires. They also do a 20A version and it’s considerably smaller.

It’s DShot600 capable, and supports 3S-6S.


Top ESC’s in the past


The DYS XSD30A is a upgrade from the successful XS series of DYS ESCs. They have carried over much of the design from the XS30A, one main improvement is the capability of running Dshot out of the box.

It’s able to run DShot600, and supports 3S-5S.



To be honest most latest ESC’s these days perform very well and similarly, it’s hard to go wrong with these choices. As long as they are suitable for your setup, and you are happy with the price just go for it :)

Update History

  • March 2017 – article created
  • Oct 2017 – added Betaflight BLHeli_32 ESC, removed DYS XSD 30A v2

12 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Mini Quad ESC’s

    1. Oscar Post author

      They are all great ESC’s, get whichever you can get your hands on :) except KISS, i would probably only get it if you run KISS FC :)

      1. Carl

        The Emax bullets are very noisey. Small yes, but I wouldn’t recommend them. Surprised they made the list.

      2. Oscar Post author

        I personally have been using them since March and they’ve been solid for me (same set of ESC’s still working great today).
        I have not noticed any noise problem in flight, nor in my FPV video, at all.
        To be honest all that matters is how they perform in actual flights, I will only take these bench testing as a grain of salt.
        It’s hard to say how much effect the noise shown in an oscilloscope would do in actual flights until you really test it in a quad.

      3. Alon

        I’ve had bad experience with the 30A bullet. They are great while they are working but 4 of them died on me (including two that actually burst into flames).

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