Top 5 Best Mini Quad Frames

We get many requests to recommend mini quad parts, but it’s impossible for someone to review every product in this hobby. We have created these “Top 5 Best” lists to keep the community informed of the latest and most recommended mini quad frames in the hobby.

We have tried most of the following frames here at These frames are featured here because we really like them in terms of performance and features.

Learn about the basics of mini quad frames to keep yourself informed. For the latest popular racing drone products, check out our “Top 5 Best” series.

The Best Free-style Frames

  • Supafly Flipmode
  • ImpulseRC Apex
  • Chameleon TI
  • Rotorriot CL1

The Best Racing Frames

  • Holybro Kopis 2
  • Hyperlite Floss 3
  • DemonRC Fury
  • Catalyst Norris

Supafly Flipmode

The Flipmode is probably the best Freestyle frame I tried in 2018. A durable and well thought-out design, and the frame is reasonably priced. I bought a second frame right after my review (yes with my own money), because I really like it.

Check out my review of the Flipmode.

Kopis 2

I recently reviewed the pre-built Holybro Kopis 2 and really like the frame, and you can buy the frame alone.

It’s not the lightest frame for a racing drone, but at 73g, it’s not bad given it has 5mm arms, and a long body which is easy for building and repairing.

Buy: Banggood | Amazon

Rotor Riot CL1

Looking for a cheap frame, but doesn’t want to support the “cloners”? Check out the CL1 by Rotor Riot. It’s a very simple design for freestyle.

Buy: GetFPV | Amazon | RDQ

HyperLite Floss 3

The first version of the Floss brought mini quad racing frame design to a new era with the minimalist design: stretch-X, extremely light weight and how easy it is to change out broken arms. All of these great features make a hardcore racing frame. Then they’ve refined it in the V2 that allows top mounted battery with improved crash-resistance. Now we have none other than the HyperLite Floss 3. Utilizing a high quality anodized 7075 aluminium core, the frame features sandwich plates and individual easy to change arms.

Buy: GetFPV

ImpulseRC Apex

The Alien was a hard act to follow, but ImpulseRC did not disappoint with this show. The Apex takes everything that was great about the Alien and made it better. 5.5mm symmetrical arms using a “keystone” to lock all the arms together is the secret weapon that increased durability and efficiency of this setup.


Armattan Chameleon TI

Armattan Chameleon mini quad frame

Another great frame in this list that uses a lot of aluminium in the design. The Chameleon has a low profile top plate that allows you to mount the battery on top. It brings the center of mass down closer to the center of gravity, reducing moment of inertia. The camera cage not only provides protection to the FPV camera, but also allows you to mount your HD camera on top. The rear of the frame features a special aluminium plate for mounting your VTX SMA connector.

Not the latest design, but comparing to the latest Rooster I still find the Chameleon a better frame. The TI is a step up from the original version!

Buy: GetFPV | Amazon | RDQ

Other Top Mini Quad Frames

Here are other good frames we featured in the past that are still worth considering.

Lumenier QAV-R

The Lumenier QAV has been a popular frame since the beginning thanks to its sturdiness and durability. In the QAV-R it has a room design for all the components, and the “box-in” style front makes it really tough against crashes.

Shop | Review

DemonRC Fury

The DemonRC (DRC) Fury aims to be lightweight (72g assembled) and strong (4mm arms). Having a wheelbase of only 205mm makes it more agile than other larger 5″ frames. Arms are designed to be easily replaced at the field.


Stanton Frames TSX200

Simple and minimalist frame. It comes with a simple PDB that provides filtered 5V/12V power. It’s a true X design, each arm only requires 1 bolt so replacing them can be really quick.


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  • Sept 2017 – Products updated
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  • May 2020 – Updated and Added products

17 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Mini Quad Frames

  1. Rob

    Just to remind newbie readers (including me); what’s the difference between Freestyle and Racing frames?

    1. Oscar Post author

      I find the “dual” bottom plate a bit over-complicated for no obvious advantage. It just makes building harder and I sitll think the original alien design a better option.

  2. CookieBin

    What about the new Armattan Rooster design? Supposedly has a titanium cage in the front. Looks pretty darn sturdy. No mention about the lifetime warranty on armattan frames. Interesting.

    1. Oscar Post author

      It’s still a new frame, I have a friend testing it right now. If it’s any good I will update the list :)

  3. jorge

    Floss FTW. If you want to see it in action, follow the links:

    This is my favourite frame to fly, the quad feels rigid and easy to control. There is a bit of a flight characteristic change when you transition to a light build like this one. If you are not aggressive on the throttle, you might find it to be a little floaty. The thin arms do break. After very hard crashes or repeated abuse they will soften and lose rigidity. But replacement arms are cheap, you can get a 5 arms for $10usd. The biggest downside is probably the availability of this frame, it sells out quickly stores are often out of stock.

  4. Zerpo from PiratFrames

    multi-Thanks Oscar to keep us on your top of the props !
    we are working hard on our english speaking and some new frames !
    Ahoy !

  5. Rob Lang

    The Stanton TSX200 has arms that interlock at the centre, which is why it needs only one nut. It’s a very clever design.


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