Upgrade Turnigy 9X with Frsky DJT Transmitter Module and Binding Reciever

As another upgrade, I am swapping the stock 9X transmitter module with the Frsky DJT module. The whole upgrade was simple and only takes less than 30 mins to finish. However there are a couple of things I needed to do.

Remove Turnigy 9X stock transmitter module

Once you have taken the screws off the stock module, you will find the antenna wire is soldered on the PCB with 2 joints. De-solder these joints to remove cable from the board so the module can be removed from the transmitter body.


Remove 9X transmitter module connector pins plastic


Note that on the latest 9x transmitters, there is a plastic lip around the connection pins. This needs to be removed otherwise the FrSky DJT module won’t fit. I notice there are people didn’t have to do this with their Turnigy 9X V2, I don’t really know why, but if you find it impossible to fit, then you should look at removing the plastic.

Binding Frsky DJT with Receiver

I was curious at first what the 2 switches do on the back of the Frsky DJT module. It turned out they are used for different type of receivers.

If you are using a non-telemetry receiver (V8) you need to have switch 1 off and switch2 on for binding. After that, turn both transmitter and receiver off and restart, after that it should work nicely.

If you are using a telemetry receiver (D8 or two way mode) then you need to turn both switches off for binding and normal operation.

6 thoughts on “Upgrade Turnigy 9X with Frsky DJT Transmitter Module and Binding Reciever

  1. pakamon

    Hi Oscar,

    I have this weird issue with Turnigy 9x and FrSky RX module. I think have passed bind procedure successfully. Now once I turn on power the LED flash red and when I turn on Turnigy 9x with DJT module the RX LED turns solid green. I presume that pairing was done OK.
    Then I try to operate turnigy but nothing happens.
    Any clues ? :)


    1. Ted Stanford Jr.

      Is this the kit you are referring to in the “Turing 9X PPM” article alofthobbies.com/frsky-dht-diy-telemetry-module.html

    1. Oscar Post author

      i am not 100% sure, I heard the Turnigy 9x is just a rebranded Flysky th9x and they are the same, but I can’t verify this.


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