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Betaflight OSD Setup

What is Betaflight OSD?

Betaflight OSD (on screen display) is an integrated component/feature in Betaflight flight controllers that shows important flight data on your FPV feed, such as battery voltage, current draw and much more.

You can even use it as a menu to change your quad’s PID, rates, filters and other settings. This article will go into what Betaflight OSD can do, and how to setup it up.

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Flash Frsky Receiver Firmware – R-XSR, XSR, X4R, XM+, D4R

In this article we will show you how to flash/update firmware on your Frsky receivers such as D4R-II, X4R-SB, XSR and XM+. This is useful when you have mismatched firmware that prevents you from binding, or you might simply want to update to the latest firmware version.

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