How to Update Taranis Bootloader

Here is how to update bootloader in the Taranis in a few easy steps. The first thing you want to do is to check what bootloader version you have.

You might still be able to use and update OpenTX without updating the bootloader, and you probably wouldn’t notice any difference. But for some Taranis with really old bootloader version it’s necessary to update it, otherwise you could run into errors when doing things like flashing your receivers for examples through the Taranis.

How to Check Bootloader Version

Enter bootloader mode.

For the X9D (plus) you need to press both horizontal trims inwards while powering on the TX (slide power button upward):

For the Q X7 you need to press both horizontal trims inwards first, then power on the TX.

For the X-Lite, you need to hold down the trim button at the center (make sure all 4 trims are pressed), then power on the TX.

Once the Taranis is in bootloader mode, the version number is displayed on top.

How to Update Taranis Bootloader

Take the OpenTX firmware you will be flashing to your Taranis, and put it in the EEPROM folder in the Taranis SD card, rename it to something less than 9 characters, e.g. opentx223.

Get into the SD card folder in the Taranis, find the file we just placed there in the EEPROM folder.

Hold down the Enter button and select Flash bootloader. That’s it!

Now go to the bootloader mode and verify.

9 thoughts on “How to Update Taranis Bootloader

  1. MosfetMan

    My Horus is semi-bricked so all these bootloader instructions don’t work for me. I can talk to the TX in the DFU mode, upload a bootloader and firmware but the radio still boots to emergency mode. FrSky is effectively closed for another 2 months so I am just going to buy a paladin.
    Does anyone know how to unbrick a Horus?


    Have a 2013 X9D not the “Plus”. It doesn’t go into bootloader mode when I press in both sliders, and turn to power on. Tried all kinds of things. Any idea’s what is wrong?

  3. I P Freely

    Came across same problem trying to falsh the bootloader from the boot loader itself.

    Just start the radio as normal and navigate to the SDCard screen. Then go to the EEPROM folder and select the same bin file you used to flash the radio to begin with (having renamed as detailed above), select this bin file and hold the enter key and you then get the option to flash the eeprom, this worked for me using the same bin file. So the above prpcedure appears to be correct, just can’t replace the bootloader from within the bootloader itself it would appear.


  4. Dick Dietz

    My sd card EEPROM file currently contains this file


    Where do I get the latest update to replace it?

    Thanks, DIck

  5. Rudy

    Good afternoon. I have taranis cd plus I have 12 models and they all stoped binding iv tried everything I can’t even get a new build to bind I’m lost and getting very frustrated. Please help. Rudy.

  6. Jason C Burn

    This didn’t work for me. It said its not a valid EEPROM file. opentx234.bin is the file I had, and I used it to update the firmware earlier. Is there a separate bootloader file different from the regular firmware? Because that is what it looks like to me. EIther that or the file extension has to be removed, which seems weird.

  7. Levan

    Hello Oscar, my taranis has open tx v 1.1.02 which is from bronze age. it doesn’t have bootloader avaliable. do have such experience how to update such open tx version to 2.X?


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