Must Have USB Adapters and Cables for FPV (Magnetic / 90-degree)

by Oscar

USB ports on flight controllers can be difficult to access in some frames, such as cinewhoops. Here are some useful USB adapters and cables that might help !

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Magnetic USB Cable

Product Page: (Check if it supports data transfer)

These are great for cinewhoop or small frames that have difficult to access USB ports.

Often USB connector on the FC can break off when accidentally pull too hard. A magnetic USB cable could save it. If you pull hard, the cable just detached from the connector. And the cable rotates around the connector 360 degree, so it puts little stress on the connector even when you twist the cable.

These magnetic USB cables also come with USB-C, Micro USB and Lightning connector (iPhone), it’s very versatile. You can use them on your phones and tablets too.

You can buy more spare connectors and just leave them plugged in to your FC, It protects your port from getting dirt inside that could damage the contacts when you insert a normal USB cable in.

Make sure the magnetic USB cable supports data transfer, a lot of the cheap ones only do charging. Data-capable magnetic USB cables have multiple contacts like this:

90-Degree Right Angle Adapter (Micro USB)

Product Page:

90-Degree Right Angle Adapter #1 (USB-C)

Product Page:

90-Degree Right Angle Adapter #2 (USB-C)

Product Page:

USB Extension Cable

Product Page:

This compact and convenient Micro USB extension comes in handy with anything that requires a tight install of a flight controller or HD camera. We have made the male connector case-less and as small as possible to save room.


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Scott 28th June 2021 - 7:05 pm

Hi Oscar.

I’ve been reading the reviews on the magnetic connectors and apparently some people have fried their electronics with these. Have you heard about anything of this nature? Thanks

Oscar 29th June 2021 - 2:12 am

I am not aware of this, I have been using this in my cinewhoop for months and it’s been fine.