Using TVS Diode In FPV Drone to Absorb Voltage Spikes

by Oscar
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We use low ESR capacitors in our drone to absorb voltage spikes, actually TVS diodes can achieve the same result sometimes even more effective.

Capacitors are like a buffer, they get charged up by current, and once they are fully charged they won’t work anymore. TVS diodes don’t have this limitation and they simply cut off voltage above certain value (based on your choice of TVS diode).

However TVS diodes don’t “smooth out” voltage ripples like capacitors do, hence doing nothing to noise. That’s the main reason capacitors are preferred if we had to choose between them. But you could use both of them if you want.

Here’s how to use TVS Diode in an FPV drone.

Solder TVS Diode to ESC power positive negative polarity

What TVS Diode to use? Just based on my personal experience, 22V is good for 4S, part number P6KE22A.

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MiniLuxy 20th July 2021 - 9:48 pm

Hi, do you think if adding two or more TVS diodes will change something? I mean if FC have already TVS protection then will it make sense to add for example FETtec Spike Absorber for better performence?