Review: Vifly ToothStor 4-Channel 2S LiPo Battery Charger

by Oscar
Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger Bt3.0 Balance Xh2.54 Connector

In this review I will check out the VIFLY ToothStor 2S LiPo charger. This charger boasts user-friendly features, portability, and the reliability expected from VIFLY’s reputable lineup. Perfect for FPV pilots mostly flying 2S FPV drones, the ToothStor promises to make charging more efficient.

What is the ToothStor Charger?

The Vifly ToothStor is a specialized charger that caters exclusively to 2S LiPo batteries.

Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger

Its design is tailored primarily for batteries equipped with BT3.0 connectors – at the time of writing, only BetaFPV offers these batteries. See my post about what BT3.0 is: Note that the ToothStor also accommodates normal 2S batteries with standard balance leads (XH2.54), and conveniently eliminating the need to connect the XT30 discharge lead.

Admittedly, its exclusive support for 2S batteries may seem restrictive when compared to a conventional smart charger that typically supports 1S to 6S batteries. However, the ToothStor’s ability to charge four batteries simultaneously makes up for this limitation by offering a more efficient charging experience. For drone pilots who mainly fly 2S, this charger could be a huge time-saver in the field.

Now, let’s get into the review.

Where to Buy?

The Vifly ToothStor charger is available for purchase on AliExpress:

If you wish to power this charger via USB-C, you should consider getting a power adapter like this, Anker 65W:

The package includes a simple manual and a USB-C cable that powers the charger and also for firmware updates.

Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger Unbox Accessories

Feature Highlights

  • Four Individual Charging Ports: Simultaneously balance charge up to four 2S batteries, unlike parallel charging, there’s no need to match the voltages or capacities of the batteries.
  • Colorful LCD Screen with Intuitive Interface: Equipped with color LCD screen, the ToothStor displays charging statuses with clarity, offering a user-friendly experience.
  • Compatibility with XH2.54 and BT3.0 Batteries: Cater to a wide range of 2S batteries, ensuring broad compatibility.
  • Efficient Heat Dissipation: A combination of a fan and a large heat sink efficiently dissipates heat, enhancing the charger’s performance and speed.
  • Versatile Power Input Options: The charger supports multiple power inputs, including XT60 and Type-C with PD3.0.
  • Convenient Memory Function: The ToothStor remembers your last used settings, streamlining the setup process for subsequent charging sessions.
  • Buzzer Notifications: The built-in buzzer notifies you when a charging cycle is complete, which you can disable if you prefer a quieter environment.


  • Input Connectors: XT60, DC (5.5 x 2.1 mm), USB-C (PD3.0)
  • Input Voltage Range: 10V-26V
  • Minimum Input Power: 65W
  • Maximum Charging Current: 1.5A per port
  • Supported Battery Connectors: XH2.54 3Pin & BT3.0
  • Battery Types: LiHV / LiPo
  • Storage Voltages: 3.80V/Cell & 3.85V/Cell
  • Maximum Discharge Current: 0.2A per port
  • Balance Current: 0.2A
  • Dimensions: 109 x 56 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 142g 143.3g

Build Quality

Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger Screen Button Interface Connectors

The ToothStor’s casing is robust, inheriting its build quality from the WhoopStor series. Having used VIFLY’s chargers for the past few years, their reliability has been consistent – they simply work without fuss. And the ToothStor continues this tradition, performing reliably during my tests.

It offers compatibility with the commonly used XH 2.45 3-pin connectors (balance lead), as well as with the newer BT3.0 connectors from BetaFPV.

Versatility in Power Options

Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger Input Connectors Xt60 Usb C

Where the ToothStor really stands out is in its power versatility. The inclusion of an XT60 connector allows for a broad input range, from a 2S to a 6S battery. For those with access to a PD power source, the USB-C input is a convenient feature carried over from the WhoopStor V3. The ability to power from a USB power bank is a significant plus, especially for pilots who need to charge their batteries in various locations.

Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger Cooling Fan Ventilation

Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger Bottom

User Experience: Charging Made Simple

Using the ToothStor was a breeze. The user interface, controlled by just two buttons, is intuitive, even for beginners. Here’s the manual, but I didn’t even need it.

Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger Manual

When connecting batteries, each port accepts either a BT3.0 or an XH2.54 connector (balance lead). To maintain safety and avoid the risks associated with parallel charging, only one type of connector should be used per port.

The four charging channels operate independently, which is a significant advantage. This allows you to charge batteries with different voltages and capacities simultaneously, a feature not typically possible with parallel charging. While the channels share the same end voltage and charge current settings, which can’t be adjusted individually, this shared setting does streamline the charging process.

Cycling through the end voltage per cell is done by pressing the right button, offering four options:

  • 3.80V
  • 3.85V
  • 4.20V
  • 4.35V

Selecting the current is just as straightforward, with options cycling from 0.2A up to 1.5A. If you need to decrease the current, it requires cycling up to the maximum first and then back down to the minimum setting. If you need to reduce the charge current, I recommend stopping all four channels and restarting the process to set the desired current.

To start or stop charging, long press the left button. Upon starting the charge, the cooling fan kicked in after about a minute or two, it’s relatively quiet compared to smart chargers this size.

A built-in buzzer alerts when the charge cycle begins and ends, but it can be turned off if you prefer a silent operation. To mute/unmute the charger, long press the right button.

Limitations and Considerations

When charging at the ToothStor’s maximum current of 1.5A across all channels, the charger draws an input power of 56W, considering losses. To ensure safety and optimal performance, Vifly recommends using a 65W power adapter. For those looking to utilize the USB-C power option, a robust power adapter, such as the Anker 65W, is advisable, get it from Amazon:

The charger also includes a discharging feature, which comes in handy for taking fully charged batteries to a storage charge. The discharging rate is somewhat slow at only 0.2A, but given that 2S batteries typically have a lower capacity, it’s not that bad. To illustrate, discharging a 2S 450mAh battery to 3.80V from a full charge would take under an hour, and you can do four batteries at once.

There is, however, a minor discrepancy with the accuracy in reaching the targeted end voltage. In my experience, when discharging to 3.85V, the process stops with the cells at about 3.87V to 3.88V. Similarly, when charging to 4.20V, the charger tends to stop prematurely at approximately 4.19V. The same happens to all ports. While it’s not necessarily a safety concern—as it does not lead to overcharging—the precision could certain benefit from some improvement.

Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger End Voltage Screen Error

Voltage Accuracy

I tested the charger’s accuracy with a calibrated multimeter. The results were satisfactory, showing great consistency between the charger’s readings and the digital multimeter.

Source Charger Report DDM
Port1 Cell1 4.19 4.191
Port1 Cell2 4.18 4.186
Port2 Cell1 4.19 4.191
Port2 Cell2 4.18 4.186
Port3 Cell1 4.19 4.191
Port3 Cell2 4.18 4.186
Port4 Cell1 4.19 4.191
Port4 Cell2 4.18 4.186

The slight discrepancies are negligible, reassuring me of the charger’s voltage accuracy.

Final Thoughts

The VIFLY ToothStor would be an invaluable tool for those who fly 2S FPV drones, especially if you use BT3.0 batteries. Its ability to charge multiple 2S batteries simultaneously and individually, coupled with the ease of use and multiple power input options, makes it a standout product.

You can purchase the Vifly ToothStor charger through AliExpress:

Vifly Toothstore 4 Channel 2s Lipo Battery Charger Bt3.0 Balance Xh2.54 Connector

However it’s a niche product – it doesn’t support any other batteries except 2S. It’s not a one-size-fits-all solution, but it doesn’t aim to be. Vifly isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel with this product. Instead, they’re refining it, ensuring that charging 2S batteries is as smooth and efficient as possible.

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Anthony 27th March 2024 - 9:33 pm

Thank you for the review. I just received it together with my Mobula 8.I find this product great for people like me who just started and not necessarily want to go with a big Hota charger.
Question: would this charger allow to charge bigger 2S batteries like 2500mah? I plan to buy some for my EV800D (plan to do a battery mod on them). It would allow me to charge everything from one single and compact charger.