VSAx145 4″ Micro Quad Frame

by Oscar

The VSAx145 is one of the smallest 4″ frames out there. In this review I will have a close look at this new compact design. A build log of the frame will follow in the next few weeks.

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Smallest 4″ Frame

Normally 150 (motor to motor distance) or smaller micro quadcopter frames are designed for 3″ propellers. But they managed to create this 145 frame to fit 4 inch props with very little clearance between the props. The trick is by rotating the FC in a 45 degree angle around yaw axis.

But you need to remember is to set 45 degrees yaw offset in the configurator to make sure it flies strait.

The assembled frame weights only 45.2 grams.

Arms and Bottom Plate

The 4mm thick bottom plate is reassuring for crash resistance. Despite the awesome thickness of the arms, their narrow structure might have some negative impact on that, we will see.

Since the arms are very slender, even a regular ESC struggles to fit upon them, I personally believe that the all in one ESC (4in1) is the best solution for this frame. In my build, I will be using the TBS Power Cube for my build.



Top Plates and Building

The second top plate is a great way for VTX placement with easy antenna placement with a 90 degree SMA adapter.

I would highly recommend you de-pin the RX to save room as well and I would also use the cable tie and shrink wrap hack to secure the antennas away from the props

When building this frame I would strongly advise against using servo connectors and header pins, as you would not have the room out the side of the frame. Instead you would probably have to solder the wires directly onto the board.

vsax145-mini-quad-frame-3 vsax145-mini-quad-frame-1


I am excited to build this frame because of its compact nature and its possibility for some race grade electronics in a small package. If you use the FuriosFPV Piko BLX FC you can have an extremely clean and compact build and you do not have to rotate the board 45 degrees or worry about soldering as it is easy with the board’s large pads gold plated for the ‘highest grade of connectivity’. Coupled with the Innova OSD VTX it creates a low profile tidy build which effectively de-clutters the main body of the frame.

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Az 3rd November 2016 - 4:46 am

Very nice frame! I like how tight it is. And 4mm base is a huge plus.