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How Duplicated Web Content Affects Clicks and Impression and Solution

This is a very fun experiment I did on how duplicated web content (or copied content from other websites) affects the pagerank of your websites, ultimately leads to lost of clicks and impression. While observing the penalty from google, I managed to “fix” it and found a possible solution.

I started a website and wrote about 20 original articles, the clicks and impression grows quite good steadily. But later I added another 20 duplicated articles and found that the clicks dropped to <10 and impression dropped all the way to be around 180, and could never get much higher again, seems like it’s being forced to that level or something.

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How To Build Strong SEO Links and Tools

We discussed why and how important SEO links are to a webpage. In this post I will talk about how you can build strong SEO links and some tools that might help with that.

How To Build SEO Links

Getting links to your site can be divided into two methods, “Finding Links” and “Attracting Links.”

Finding Links

There are many website directories that commonly take submissions.

Blogs and forums are also an excellent opportunity for getting links. In blogs and forums you can join discussions, and you might be able to include a link from your site. It’s important that you are actively involved in these blogs and forums, and don’t post replies just to get a link. If you spam these sites by posting your link too much, or too often, you will most likely be banned.

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Improve SEO By Building Links – SEO Links

Value of SEO Links

For a long time search engines relied almost completely on webpages content for ranking. One of Google’s unique approach was to use links as a determination for site rankings. It makes SEO links very valuable because this ranking approach is more effective and fair and began excluding sites with spammers.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, and most other search engines nowadays consider a link as a vote of relevance. Search engines consider the context of both pages, the page with the link, and the page the link points to, as well as the anchor text, which is the text of the link itself.

Trying to get links is called Link Building. Before we discuss how to build strong SEO links, let’s examine what makes a strong link. Several factors determine whether a link is strong or weak. A few strong links can help your search rankings much more than many weak links. The major factors that contribute to the strength of a link are:

  • Anchor text
  • Location on a Page
  • Relevance of site
  • Backlinks of site

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Redirect Primary Domain URL to SubDirectory

Use Primary Domain on Subdirectory and Keep subdomain working

Primary Domain on most hosting services usually use “public_html” folder (or root folder) to store its files. When you create a subdomain, it will create a sub folder in “public_html”. I found it really messy when I have too many subdomains, which is confusing with the primary domain site files and folders.

Therefore I was trying to find a way to redirect my primary domain URL to a subfolder, while other subdomain folders still work.

This job would require a “.htaccess” file to redirect requests to the correct folder. For example anything for “” or “” would be forwarded to a specific folder, requests with other subdomains will be ignored. (so they can be forwarded to the corresponding sub-directory by the hosting server.

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实时汇率机器人 – 自动发微博

Weibo Real Time Exchange Rate Robot


这是一个微博号,看起来跟普通帐号没什么不一样,只不过数据都是通过机器人自动寻找和 自动发微博 的,在省时省力的同时让关注者得到最新的资讯。之前看到过“古城钟楼”,“饮水机自动发微博” 等的微博,其实原理差不多,原理通了就不神秘了。

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Simple MVC framework Tutorial Part 1

Welcome to Simple MVC framework tutorial!

In this tutorial, I will show you how to build a very simple calculator application using MVC architecture pattern. This calculator only has addition and subtraction, and you will be able to extend this basic application by adding multiplication and division as exercise yourself! Before we start, I would like to talk briefly what MVC is and why we use it.
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