Whoopee Micro Quad Build – with Scisky FC

Whoopee is probably the best thing I have created with my 3D printer so far :) It flies really really well indoor, and it’s not hard to build.

I love this build because all the parts are so widely available, everyone should be able to get them quite easily.

Whoopee Micro Quad Build Parts List

With the Scisky board, you can run Spektrum radio with out of the box. With the external PPM RX hack, you can use Frsky TX (such as Taranis) too.

While the Banggood motors work fine, I would recommend getting some Angry Beez motors, or MMW Dark Edition motors for more power.

For more micro quad part options, check out this parts list.

Soldering Motors on FC

First thing first, measure if your motor wires are long enough to reach the FC from motor mounts. Mine aren’t, so I had to extend them.

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-banggood motors cable extension

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-motor solder on scisky fc

Now insert the motors in the mounts, put a zip tie around the mount. Then put a heatshrink tube at the lower part of the motor to protect the motor wires. It also works as landing gear :)


Flight Controller Installation

I use double sided foam tape to stick the scisky on the plate. You can also consider to fix the FC more securely on the plate with a zip tie.

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-scisky-flight controller

Install the FC plate on the main body, make sure it’s well levelled and all the holes at the corners match. Then put some zip ties through the 4 holes.

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-mounting fc plate

I made myself a little connector to get 5V from the FC to power my FPV setup. The Scisky has a 500mA rated regulator (if I remember correctly). However I still recommend powering your VTX with battery directly if possible.

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-5v power for vtx camera

VTX/Camera Mount

Now install the VTX mount.

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-vtx mount install

And your FPV Combo Setup, followed by the antenna protector.

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-finish front

Finishing touch

Double sided Taped the RX on the frame.

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-finish side

Using both Velcro and rubber bands to hold the battery in place :)

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-bottom whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-lipobattery mounting

How I plug in the USB cable – Cleanflight Configurator GUI

You might have your own way, but I normally just lift the FC a bit and able to plug in the USB cable this way.

whoopee-tiny-whoop-inductrix-8.5mm-micro-quad-frame-build-usb connect fc cleanflight

Another Whoopee is born :)

The build weights 44.5g without battery. Flight time with one of those 380mAh battery I got from banggood is about 2:30 to 3 mins. I probalby won’t use any bigger batteries, it doesn’t feel good as it gets too heavy.



Cleanflight Settings (02/08/2016)

I will always come back and update when I find better settings. If you have any good settings please let me know :)

First update your Cleanflight to the latest version.

set motor_pwm_rate = 32000
set min_throttle = 1000
set max_throttle = 2000
set min_command = 1000
set acc_cut_hz = 15
set deadband = 4
set yaw_deadband = 4
set dterm_cut_hz = 20

PID and Rates

set pid_controller = MWREWRITE
set p_pitch = 39
set i_pitch = 32
set d_pitch = 25
set p_roll = 38
set i_roll = 29
set d_roll = 26
set p_yaw = 90
set i_yaw = 50
set d_yaw = 8
set p_level = 20
set i_level = 7
set d_level = 35
set rc_rate = 40
set rc_expo = 36
set rc_yaw_expo = 8
set thr_mid = 63
set thr_expo = 20
set roll_rate = 35
set pitch_rate = 35
set yaw_rate = 43
set tpa_rate = 30
set tpa_breakpoint = 1650

It flies really good with horizon mode too, so leave ACC on.

Flight videos

Discussion on forum

If you have any question, ideas or comments please leave them on this forum thread.

18 thoughts on “Whoopee Micro Quad Build – with Scisky FC

  1. M.

    Hello. I really like this build but the FC seems to be no longer sold.
    Are ther any other FCs (pref. with integrated receiver) that would work?

    1. Oscar Post author

      I haven’t checked the latest FC for micro brushed quads for a while.
      I hope to build a new one in a month or two and write a build log about it.

  2. Gavin

    Oscar, your posts have been a big help to me as a newcomer to quads.

    This comment applies to binding the micro scisky to a Taranis x9d plus without any hacks or additional hardware (no orangeRx board in the taranis, and no external receiver attached to the micro scisky)

    I used what I’m assuming is a newer version of the micro scisky board that has a different built in receiver module(s)…specifically the version that has the built in FRSKY receiver. Here’s the board I’m using which I believe is the same one on banggood that’s linked in the parts build for this post:


    What I had to do to get it bind:
    My board didn’t enter binding mode(fast flashing red led) automatically I had to hold the button down until the red LED started changed from a slow blink to a fast blink and these are the Cleanflight settings I used:

    Channel map: AETR1234
    Receiver Mode: RX_Serial
    Serial Receiver Provider: SBUS

    Taranis settings – Internal RF:

    Once I went into bind mode on the taranis the red LED turned solid and I saw the channel feedback in the cleanflight GUI. Hopefully this helps someone out who was struggling with a similar problem.

  3. Thomas

    Thanks a bunch for all the information you already provided me with. Just a quick question, as I’m new to all this stuff:
    I recently bought (and hopelessly crashed) a Walkera Rodeo f150, and I’m looking to start building some small brushed quads to go with the the devo7 transmitter that came along with my Rodeo. It should use PPM if i’m correct, however I’m not sure if I can just connect the walkera rx701 receiver that goes along with it to any PPM compatible FB. Could you give me an idea of how to find a working combination of components?

  4. Matthias Böckh

    Hey oscar,

    Thanks for your great ideas. Printed the whoopee without any problems with PETG. For now i want to use old motors from syma. I have ordered a brushed F3 EVO board (http://www.banggood.com/Micro-32bits-Brushed-Flight-Control-Board-Based-On-SP-RACING-F3-EVO-Brush-For-Micro-FPV-Frame-p-1070068.html) and my plan is to flash betaflight on it.
    Does your scisky have a 5V out when its powered with 1s?
    Hope the evo board also has it.



    1. Oscar Post author

      Yes it does, and I am running the 5V on FPV gear with RX.
      Evo board also has it, but it’s not as clean and powerful. I can only run RX on 5V but not FPV gear.

      1. Oscar Post author

        you miss my review on the Eachine EF01, it might not work directly from lipo as it doesn’t seem to have good power filter, and you might get lots of motor interference in your video feed.

  5. Dj_Garfield

    You are the King Of Micro Quad !!!!!
    Very Very interesting , and more since I have ordered a Prusa I3 M201 3D Printer :)
    You will certainly win the Quad Reference challenge !!

    1. Oscar Post author

      I don’t think so as there isn’t a RX that is small and light enough.
      you will probably need to get a Frsky TX module

  6. Anthony

    What props are you using on it? I was going to try out a Tinywhoop but this option looks like more fun and I won’t need a separate module for my Taranis.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Both are fun, I feel like this is a cheaper, and more flexible option. But bear in mind the Tiny Whoop is smaller that’s the main advantage to me :)

    2. Jerrod

      tiny whoop – on the 1s 210mah nitro nectar batteries i get 4min flight time. Batts are new – only 3-5 flights on them. it’d be interesting to see how this whoopie could do with tri or quad blade props.

      1. Oscar Post author

        me too, but I just can’t find any good tri blades for 8.5mm motors at the moment… and there is zero quad blades for them.

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