XpertDrone XD Stealth 150 Mini Quad Frame – 4 Inch

by Oscar

Let’s check out the XD Stealth 150 Mini Quad frame from XpertDrone. This is probably the smallest frame I have seen that supports 4″ propellers!

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Get your XD Stealth 150 Frame from XpertDrone.

This is just a overview of the mini quad frame, I will start my build shortly after the new year and update my progress in another post.

The frame includes:

  • Carbon fibre top plate
  • 3D printed bottom plate
  • 3D printed side walls
  • 3D printed FPV camera mounting
  • 7 Aluminium standoffs
  • Bolts

XpertDrone XD Stealth 150 Mini Quad Frame 4inch Package

Carbon fibre top plate is 3mm thick and great quality. The carbon fibre top plate alone weights 34g, and the whole frame weights around 70g. I will try to build this frame as light as possible, so i won’t be using the side wall provided.

XpertDrone XD Stealth 150 Mini Quad Frame carbon fibre

XpertDrone XD Stealth 150 Mini Quad Frame carbon plate thinkness

Another thing is if they replace the 3D printed bottom plate with a light weight carbon fibre, and use nylon standoffs I reckon the weight of this frame can get under 55g.

Frame assembly is really straight forward, and it’s looking kind of cute :)

XpertDrone XD Stealth 150 Mini Quad Frame side

Motor to motor distance is exactly 150mm.

XpertDrone XD Stealth 150 Mini Quad Frame motor to motor distance

Here are pictures from XpertDrone showing one of their builds with the XD Stealth 150 frame.

XpertDrone XD Stealth 150 Mini Quad Frame official build 1

XpertDrone XD Stealth 150 Mini Quad Frame official build 2

Great features of the XD Stealth 150

  • Simple design and easy assembly.
  • A lot smaller than the 180 running the same setup.
  • Despite the smaller size frame, you actually get more space to put your electronics on this one due to the design. Hopefully we won’t run into the same awkward situation on a normal 180 mini quad with tight spaces.
  • Light weight (only 70g) compared to 180 frames.

Things to improve

  • camera mount angle not adjustable (fixed at 25 degree), need more tilting angle personally
  • 3D printed bottom plate is a bit heavy, maybe replaced with carbon fibre?
  • I would personally use Nylon Standoffs rather than Aluminium ones to save weight.
  • Motor mounts only supports 2mm bolts, i.e. only 1306 and 1806 motors can be used on this frame. For 3mm bolts you need to drill the holes bigger yourself.
  • If you decided to use the camera mount provided, you need to drill the holes yourself on the 3D printed bottom plate. I wish they would have done that for the users.

Here is a video from XpertDrone going through their frame package, and explaining how to put this frame together.


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Jazzcool 2nd January 2016 - 1:19 am

Hi Oscar, I was about to build this exact same frame myself. I also don’t intend to use the walls as they serve little purpose in my opinion. I don’t like the way the camera is mounted and I think there’s virtually no protection for it during a crash. I intend to alter the mount or build one of my own. I love the frame size. A 22xx motor won’t fit because of the arm end size.

All in all its a solid frame, would be interested to see other’s building choices. I think it will be a challenge to build, but an interesting one.

Oscar 6th January 2016 - 12:45 pm

yea can’t wait to build mine :) some improvements to be made but i like this frame :)