ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame Review

by Oscar

ZMR-X210 features an X design which is currently the most popular mini quad layout. This mini quad frame has nothing like the old ZMR250 and it was created from the ground up.

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Get your ZMR X210 Frame from FPVModel. The frame was built by SiRDoGG8u.


First thing that I noticed during unboxing was how well the mini quad frame was packed. All carbon parts were packed separately so there was no way for the carbon to get scratched, All hardware was in different bags, which made it easy to sort the screws needed for the build.

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame package parts unboxing

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame hardware

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame camera mount case

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame bottom plates

I do like to say I am very impressed with the carbon and how it looks, with no jagged edges.

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame arms

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame arms on bottom plate

Weight: 97g carbon fibre parts without hardware – 145g assembled.

Quick Release Fixings

One great feature is the what I would call “Quick Release Fixings” aluminium mounting hardware, it allows you to swap out arms more quickly. Basically they are threaded spacer that are shared by multiple bolts, when you unscrew one bolt the spacer will still be supported by other bolts and stay where they are, therefore you only need a screw driver and no pliers required. You don’t even need to remove the top plate to change arms any more.

I started to build and attach the arms using the quick release fixings when I came across
the centre fixing for the arms wouldn’t screw into mount, after examination and removing the arms, i found the mount that holds the middle screws for the arms, the holes didn’t line up (below picture).

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame aluminium fastener quick release fixing

So without getting the Dremel out to drill the carbon and make the holes too big I scrapped the mount, and just used M3 locking nuts , only issue with doing this is you can’t do a quick swap if you break an arm, so that is the first negative point I found , hopefully they will sort this out soon.

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame arms bottom plate quick release nuts


They have done a nice touch with the spacers that are used between the 2 bottom plates: the spacers are threaded, and you don’t lose the screws and spacers, when the standoffs are removed for any reason.

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame bolts standoff bottom palte

The ZMR X210’s arms are sandwiched by a double bottom plate structure like the good old ZMR250. However on this design you can optionally use only 1 bottom plate to save weight, the trade-off would be reduced strength against crashes.

Comparing to the good old ZMR250 arms.

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame arms compared to zmr250

2 Camera Options

Similar to the DemonRC NOX5, you get 2 different options of FPV camera mounting.

This is the for cameras with a case.

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame fpv camera mount case

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame camera mount case

And the mounting plate is for board cameras.

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame fpv camera mount board


Finally after fully building the ZMR-X210, I found the 2nd mistake to this frame.

I painted the edges of the carbon fibre with white colour “Tyre Marker”. You can also use nail polish but tyre marker is easier IMO.

3 standoffs wasn’t threaded enough to take the screws provided, so in the end
I had to use washers as I never had M3 screws that was short enough.

Here is the parts list I used in this build:

  • Naze32 Rev6
  • Littlebee 20a
  • Skyzone TS5823 200mw
  • Fatshark 700tvl FPV camera (Metal Cased)
  • T-motors MN2204/2300kv
  • Props: DAL 5×4.5×3 V2
  • Delta8 PPM RX

Picture of it fully built:

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame assembly

The next issue I had was when installing the motors to the arms (t-motor 2204/2300kv) I found that you have to be perfect with the lining of the shaft as the C-clip rubs the whole drilled in the arm. But with cobras and many other motors that should not be an issue.

After that the frame was a joy to build with no other problems, the frame is nicely designed and has some similar looks to the Lumenier raceblade. No where near the same but some nice touches and detail to attention on this frame.

Pro’s and Con’s


  • The frame looks strong and carbon is cut very good indeed, I was impressed and I think it’s worth the money if the few negatives get sorted out
  • Clever solution for quick arm release, and some nice touches for simple fixing and breakages


  • Unless it was just the one I received but the holes on the quick release fixing for the centre of arms don’t line up
  • The standoffs thread needs to be tapped deeper, at least the length of the screws provided
  • And may be the holes where the shafts sit on the arms need to be 1mm 1.5mm bigger

Overall the frame is a nice looking frame and well worth a buy imo

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame build 3

ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame build 2 ZMR X210 Mini Quad Frame build 1

Here is a test flight.

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M Argus Chopin Gyver 1st February 2017 - 2:43 am

Can you compare ZMR x210 with Martian II 220 ?? I like both of them, but the martian price is soo interesting for me. Because I’m new to the hobby and I want to spent my money to the “right” way :D

Beat 18th April 2016 - 5:46 pm

I just built one a few days ago, the issue with the center plate not fitting and with the spacers was solved – all went together smoothly.

Oscar 20th April 2016 - 5:01 pm

Great thanks for letting us know! FPVModel was curious that the sample they sent us was still having this problem, as they thought they fixed it before sending it to us :) probably just from an old batch!

Frank 4th April 2016 - 6:05 pm

Hi Oscar,
not sure if you have already reviewed the QAV-R but any chance you know if the zmr-x210 has the same mounting holes as the arms on the raceblade? I would love to be able to mix and match the arms so i could have one quad with 3 different configurable sizes.


Andrey M. 28th March 2016 - 11:26 am

Hi Oscar,
You should get yourself some taps and dies for making threaded holes and rods :-)

Oscar 30th March 2016 - 5:36 pm

you are right, that’s in my to-get list once I have more room :)

Julez 19th March 2016 - 11:45 am

How much does the frame weight?
Can you compare it to the QAV210?

Oscar 23rd March 2016 - 3:44 pm

i have updated the weight of the frame

Jharwin Barrozo 19th March 2016 - 4:52 am

Hey Oscar,

I’m using this badass frame. All the mentioned issues here were already fixed during the new release 2 weeks ago, the standoff are now thread deep enough that even long m3 screw can get it. and I think you were missing one part of the frame (the center 4-hole-square aluminum bracket) -the quick arm release is really possible.

Oscar 23rd March 2016 - 3:42 pm

unfortunately the one they sent us, less than 2 weeks ago, still shows these issues… maybe they just sent us the old batch not sure.
about the centre 4-hold bracket.. i did mention the holes don’t line up that’s why we use nylon nuts… maybe we used the wrong terminology hehe

Thomas Brady 19th March 2016 - 12:11 am

I love this frame. Can you post your P.I.D I would like to compare.

Craig 18th March 2016 - 4:49 pm

Hi Oscar,

Thanks for doing all of these frame reviews! I’m soon to be in the market for a new frame, and it’s great to see a bunch of options!

Alex 18th March 2016 - 12:52 pm

Hello Oscar,
thank you for your very informative tutorials. I ordered a x210 ZMR at FPV model in ARF I receive soon . How did you paint the slices of white frame ? It is original because it is very beautiful .

Oscar 18th March 2016 - 1:38 pm

just updated the post… it’s “tyre marker” :)

Dude 18th March 2016 - 9:24 am

So, what setup (esc, motor & cam) are you using ? And what would you recommend after the first flights ?

Oscar 18th March 2016 - 9:55 am

I have just updated the post with the list of parts :)
yes it’s a good setup and it was a joy flying that