BLHeli ESC Error: “Found 2 ESC with similar unique ID numbers”

If you get error in BLHeliSuite “Found 2 ESC with similar unique ID numbers”, here are the possible causes and solutions.

#1 Signal Wires Shorted

ESC signal wires are shorted/touching each other.

If you are using standalone (separate) ESC’s, check ESC signal with a multimeter to confirm (in continuity mode). If you are using 4in1 ESC, check the header pin connector, and make sure the pins are not bent and shorted.

#2 Motor Remapping

Wrong motor remap config. Try to reset resource for the motor pins and try again.

#3 Motor Signal Shorted to Frame

It’s possible that your ESC signal might have shorted to the carbon fibre frame, or metal standoff.

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