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Here is an overview of some of the best Tiny Whoops we have right now in the market. When talking about Tiny Whoops we generally mean those tiny little FPV drones that have ducts around the propellers. They are tons of fun to fly in the house especially on rainy days and  winter.

The Types of Tiny Whoop

There are two major categories, brushed and brushless tiny whoops.

Brushed or Brushless

“Brushed” and “Brushless” are the two types of motor used in a quadcopter. In a nutshell:

  • Brushless motors = better in power, speed and longevity
  • Brushed motor = better in price, simplicity and light weight

Originally, Tiny Whoops were all using brushed motors. They were popular because of how easy they are to use. Brushed motors only have 2 wires as opposed to the 3 wires on brushless motors.

Brushed motors are known to have shorter lifespan but they are cheap to replace, while brushless motors are more expensive but can last much longer usually.

Brushed motors on a tiny whoop

Brushless motors recently became popular in tiny whoops and seem to have taken over brushed motors. They are more powerful and battery hungry, new options even support higher voltage such as 2S or even 3S LiPo for extra power.

See my brushless motor beginner tutorial to learn more.

Brushless motor on a tiny whoop

1S vs. 2S

Apart from motors, we also have “1S whoops” and “2S whoops”.

“1S” and “2S” are the number of cells in a battery (see LiPo battery introduction). 1S battery has nominal voltage of 3.7V while that of a 2S battery is 7.4V.

1S is the classic choice in Tiny Whoops and it’s still more popular. 2S is catching up, and I really think 2S (or even higher voltages) is the future as it sags a lot less than 1S towards the end of the battery. 2S is faster and can just be as efficient if used with the right motors and propellers.

2S Whoops are more pricey than 1S at the moment due to the higher spec components. so if all you want to do is casual indoor FPV flying, 1S is totally fine! (and the power is more manageable too)

The Best 1S Tiny Whoop

The latest and greatest whoops are mostly brushless. Here is a spec comparison between three of my favourite 1S models at the time of writing.

UR65 US65/UK65 SNapper7
Price $84 $75 $77
Motor 0603 17000KV 0603 19000KV 0802 17000KV
Props Size 31mm 31mm 40mm
Weight (no bat) 20g 22g 28g
FC Firmware Betaflight Betaflight Betaflight
Built-in RX Frsky
OSD Yes Yes Yes
VTX 25mW 25mW 25mW
SmartAudio No Yes No
Current Meter Yes Yes Yes
Connector PH2.0 PH2.0 PH2.0
Buzzer No No No


Where to Buy? Banggood

The UR65 was probably the hottest whoop during mid 2018. It’s affordable and spare parts are less expensive and widely available.

It’s very light weight, the lighter the whoop, the less likely you may damage stuff in crashes.

It also comes with an awesome parallel charging board. It allows you to charge up to 6 batteries at the same time. This is going to cut your waiting time considerably!


Despite the different branding, the US65 and UK65 are believed to be the upgraded UR65 because of the similarities. Apart from the more colourful canopies, the motors have been upgraded to 19000KV motors from 17000KV. They’ve also added SmartAudio to the video transmitter so you can change channel through Betaflight OSD or LUA script, pretty awesome huh?!

Where to Buy? Banggood

Compared to the UR65, you might or might not notice the increase in power because the UK65/US65 are a couple of grams heavier. This is due to the possibly different frame material which feels a lot stiffer than the UR65’s.

But surprisingly, the US65/UK65 are few dollars cheaper, making it a better option in value if you don’t mind the flags.

There is rumour that the UR65 and Snapper 6 are made in the same factory, because they come in the same design, package as well as instruction manual. But the Snapper 6 uses heavier frame material which results in over 3g weight difference, that’s why we recommend the UR65/UK65/US65 over the Snapper 6. Three grams makes a huge difference to flight performance and flight time when it comes to a tiny whoop sized aircraft!

SNapper 7

Where to Buy? Amazon

The Snapper 7 is the bigger version of the Snapper 6, (and the UR65 if you believe they are made by the same people). The differences are in the beefier motors, and it’s using bigger propellers (40mm vs. 31mm), resulting in more powerful and efficiency.

The frame of the Snapper 7 is made of aluminium and carbon fibre, so you can expect it to withstand harder crashes. If you don’t trust plastic frames and want a more solid solution, this is the one you want to get. However the downside with metal frame is, if you crash really, really hard, the frame can be bent out of shape and obstructs your props.

AcroBee by NewBeeDrone

Where to Buy? NewBeeDrone

The AcroBee is a classic 65mm Tiny Whoop equipped with 0620 brushed motors. This is the model I’d recommend if you are looking for a brushed Tiny Whoop.

It flies super stable, and easy to control. Configuration is straight-forward as it’s running Betaflight. I’d say this is one of the best model to fly indoor, it’s quiet, efficient and gives long flight time. For more detail, see my review of the Acrobee (BeeBrain V2), and the new version of the FC, the BeeBrain Lite.

Eachine QX65

The QX65 gets an honorary mention as it is the cheapest on the list ranging from £35 to £65, price being dependent on the variety of packages that banggood offer. Whether you want it on its own, or with batteries and a charger, banggood offers it to you. Its cheap, and good practice for indoors. Just be aware that it is a brushed whoop so you will have to be conscious of motor maintenance and slightly less power.

Being so cheap does have its drawbacks – no smart audio or turtle mode, and the stock motors will not be the most mind-boggling experience even when you’re flying flat out. It will however get you in the air indoors, and will entertain you for hours when the rain starts pouring outside.

Where to Buy? Banggood

The Best 2S Tiny Whoop

If you are looking for more speed, and racing in places with more room, 2S is the way to go. Here are some of the most popular 2S Whoop currently:

Mobula7 Trashcan Beta75 Pro2
Price $96 $95 $100
Motor 0802 16000KV 0803 16000KV 0802 12000KV
Props Size 40mm 40mm 40mm
Weight (no bat) 27.5g 34.2g 27.5g
FC Firmware Betaflight Betaflight Betaflight
Built-in RX Frsky
OSD Yes Yes Yes
VTX 25mW 25mW/200mW 25mW
SmartAudio Yes Yes Yes
Current Meter Yes Yes No
Battery Connector 2x PH2.0 2x PH2.0 2x PH2.0
Battery 4x 250mAh 4x 300mAh 2x 300mAh
Buzzer Yes No No


Where to Buy? Gearbest

Either you are into racing, or just general flying you will find the Modula7 more manageable compared to some other options in its class. It’s far easier to change camera tilt angle in this model.

Still too much power? You can consider limiting max throttle.

However please note that the frame seems to be less durable compared to the Beta 65X or 75X. There is now a V2, that comes with a more durable frame. I believe you can also get it separately on BG.

Eachine Trashcan

Where to Buy? Banggood

Many think the Trashcan is better than the Mobula7, and this is why.

The Trashcan comes with taller motors (0803) with proper bearings, unlike the sleeved bearings in the 0802 motors.

The TRASHCAN also comes with a proper, brand name camera – the Caddx EOS2 camera. Despite the arguably better image quality, it’s in 16:9 aspect ratio, so for people running 4:3 goggles, the image will get distorted.

The frame is tougher than the original Mobula frame, though the issue has been addressed in the V2 according to some users.

Finally the VTX is a 200mW in the Trashcan so that’s good news for those who fly a bit further away.

Beta75 Pro 2

Where to Buy? RDQ

See my full review of the Beta75 Pro 2 here.

The Beta75 Pro 2 (27g) is much lighter than the previous Beta75X (41g) by using smaller motors.  Flight performance is awesome out fo the box! They also fixed the “yaw washed out” issue form previous models.

The speed is about the same but the capability to carry HD camera like a Caddx Turtle or Runcam Split Mini is lowered. But this is definitely a better option just comparing them straight out of the box, and it’s $50 cheaper too.

TinyHawk & TinyHawk S

Whilst the TinyHawk is on the larger spectrum of whoops, it has made a lot of noise in the whoop scene. A lot of people recommend it for its ease of use and variety of features such as turtle mode, smart audio and a nice camera feed. 

It can be bought in a bundle with a charger, batteries, receiver and FPV goggles for complete beginners costing around £130, or can be bought on its own for around £80. 

However, it can leave some people that are more experienced pilots wanting more. Its a large whoop (75mm class) with quite a chunky frame coming in at 29g without a battery. They also recommend a 450mah battery and it can only handle a 1s, therefore being quite underpowered for the size.

Fear not, emax have responded and given the people what they wanted. They have recently released a ‘TinyHawk s’, which is of course a 2s TinyHawk. Slight alterations were made to the frame and the motors in this updated version, making it compatible with both 1s and 2s. As well as improving on the durability of the frame. The TinyHawk S can be picked up for around £85, so if you’re considering a TinyHawk regardless of if you’re a beginner or an experienced pilot, be sure to consider the TinyHawk S over the first version.

Only negative I see with this whoop is that it uses specific batteries, not just normal whoop batteries. Therefore, if you have other whoops in your arsenal, you will have to invest in other batteries to fly this whoop. Saying this, the design of the TinyHawks stands out against any other whoop on the list. The inverted motor design present not only adds to the structural rigidity and robustness, but is said to help with the aerodynamics, allowing longer flight times and greater precision over the traditional whoops. If nothing else, Emax should be congratulated on their unconventional design and trying something… different.

Even though the TinyHawk models are a slightly more expensive option over the UK/UR65, they do offer a solid build quality and ease of use with not only a BNF model, but also a RTF option,  making it easy to use straight out of the box for beginners or pro pilots.

Where to Buy? Amazon

Which is the Best Tiny Whoop?

As the best 1S whoop for value, I would probably pick the US65 or UK65. If you are just looking for the smallest FPV drone to fly in your house, it’s not overpowered and much easier to manage. It’s so light and should hold up well to crashes.

For something faster, that you can fly both indoor and outdoor, definitely consider the Trashcan. It’s a 2S brushless, so it will have more power and potential than all the 1S whoops. If you think it’s too powerful for indoor, you can easily adjust the camera angle, and limit max throttle if you want to reduce the power.

Building Your Own Tiny Whoop?

The whole tiny whoop craze started by adding your own camera and video transmitter to tiny toy quadcopters. I had a tutorial teaching people how to build a tiny whoop from scratch back in the days.

It’s no longer necessary to build it by yourself. You can buy a tiny whoop straight off the shelf and it includes literally everything you need: the quad, camera, VTX, batteries and charger. Just bind it to your radio transmitter and you are ready to fly! They fly straight out of the box, and they are also cheaper!

Edit History

  • Oct 2018 – Post created: Mobula7, Beta65X/75X, AcroBee, UR65, UK65, US65, Snappy7
  • Jan 2019 – Updated list: Trashcan, Beta75 Pro2, Beebrain Lite
  • Jul 2019 – Added TinyHawk-S, QX65

10 thoughts on “The Best Tiny Whoop | Micro FPV Drones

  1. obelix662000

    Do not buy brushless whoops with 0603 motors. Replace them to 0802 (even for 1S ) and you will get 30 sec more flight time with exactly the same performance. If you already have 0603 motors consider flash ESC with mod firmware. Please see and

  2. Franz P. Val

    Good article. Last year I bought a Eachine Aurora 68 and it flew not good out-of-the box. I had a lot of work (more than some 5″ builds) to bring it to good performance. It’s nice bit still a bit too powerful (2S) and heavy for tiny European living rooms. So I bought a UK65 this year (pre-sale). After applying the Mockingbird setting it flew very well but the frame is really fragile. After I broke the battery holder and a piece out of one duct I put “it” in a BetaFPV 65pro frame. Now its a great little whoop.

  3. John A

    Loving the new 2S Whoop category. I have the BetaFPV 75X, and hoping to get my hands on a Mobula 7 soon. The 75X definitely rips around my small neighborhood, it’s on my par with my 2.5″ builds in terms of speed, but not quite there on agility. Still very impressive, and looking forward to trying out the Mobula 7.

  4. Scott

    If you are in the market for a 2S wh00p, I suggest going to ebay and searching for the Mobula7. A few days ago, I happened to stumble upon a 24 hour 10% off everything on ebay coupon. Obviously that is expired, but with Black Friday coming up, and sites wanting to expand on the Black Friday hype train, I’m sure if you keep a tab open on your browser and casually click it once a day, you’ll be finding another coupon in not long. It took me a couple of days of thinking about purchasing it to stumble upon that coupon. Now, they’re only 77 bucks and change on ebay without coupon!! – with Free Shipping to the USA, so it’s not like the 10% off coupon saves you a ton! I got mine for $69.65 for the Basic, as I already have that stellar charger. Get the Standard version if you don’t have the charger as it’s easily worth the difference in price they want to upgrade.
    BONUS – both kits come with 4 of the stick 1S wh00p batteries! Good Luck, and stay warm and fly indoors this winter! :)

  5. Chris C

    Great article! I love the new waive of brushless whoops that have arrived. Don’t some of the 2S whoops, like the Mobula7, also allow you to fly using just one 1S battery? Wouldn’t that the solve the problem with flying indoors by decreasing the power?

    1. Ken Jancef

      I can speak for the 65x, as I have one. It doesn’t power up until you connect the second battery. So plugging just one in does not work.

    2. Oscar Post author

      No, they have two connectors connected in series for two 1S batteries, so you’d have to connect both batteries for it to power up.

      1. Henry Darr

        Mobula 7 came with a jumper so I can fly it 1s, I found reducing the rates made it not so twitchy so I could fly indoors without much crash landings.

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