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How to dispose Lipo Battery | Old or Damaged Lipo

The inevitable question for RC hobbyists is how to get rid of old or damaged LiPo (Lithium polymer battery). There are tons of videos online showing how dangerous LiPo batteries can be if not handled correctly, causing explosions and fire. In this guide we will show you how to dispose damaged and old LiPo batteries safely.

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15 Things You Must Do After Building a Mini Quad

I sometimes rush to fly my quadcopters right after I finish building them. Unfortunately there were times the drone didn’t take off as expected due to misconfiguration. I even had magic smoke a few times because of faulty parts and short circuits.

Learning my lessons the hard way, I have come up with a list of things to check every time I build a new mini quad. Hopefully this guide will help you avoid surprises when powering on for the first time, and make sure your drone is ready for a safe maiden flight.

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