Review: Radiomaster TX16S – Better than Jumper T16?

The new TX16S from Radiomaster looks highly similar to the Jumper T16 at first glance, but it has some improvements and better features. Here is a sneaky peak at the specs before getting it in for an in-depth review.

The Radiomaster TX16S is basically the Jumper T16 Pro (see review). Hobbyporter told me the two companies worked together on the T16 in the past, but later went their separate ways. And now Radiomaster released their own version of the radio. I’ve yet to get a response from my contact at Jumper about this radio.

And the TX16S is rumoured to be $40 cheaper than the T16 Pro Hall, making it much more attractive.

New to FPV? Please check out my radio transmitter buyer’s guide.


  • Date: TBC
  • Prices (Not Confirmed)
    • Non-Hall Gimbal version: $100
    • Hall Gimbal version: $130
    • Hall Gimbal + Crossfire Micro TX: $190

I will come back and update where you can buy this radio.


  • Built in USB-C Charging
  • USB-C Data/simulator port
  • External SD card slot (SD card included)
  • Two external UART ports for updates and DIY
  • Improved menu navigation with Page back and forward
  • Better housing design with improved grip ergonomics
  • Better switch quality and placement design
  • Better sliders with good center feedback
  • Full Size HALL gimbal with CNC Aluminum plate
  • Official OpenTX support
  • Built-in Multi-protocol module
  • Improved speaker circuit (no buzzing noise)
  • Included EPP carry box


  • Size: 180x190x58mm
  • Weight: 820g including 2×18650 batteries
  • Input Voltage: 7V – 8.4V DC
  • Battery Support: 2S LiPo or 2×18650 (holder provided)
  • Operation Current: 350mA excluding external module
  • STM32 F429 MCU
  • 4.3″ 480×272 Color Screen
  • Rolling wheel menu button
  • Full Size Hall Gimbal

Major Differences Between T16 and TX16S

T16 Pro Hall TX16S
Price $170 $130
Built-in Charging No Yes
Hall Gimbals Yes Yes
OpenTX Support Yes Yes
Multi-Protocol Built-in Yes Yes
Removable Antenna Yes No
Crossfire Support Yes Yes
External UART No Yes
Menu Buttons 3 4

For other differences please keep reading.

Closer Look at the TX16S

The Radiomaster TX16S has a black matte finish instead of silver.

The most welcome improvement is probably the USB-C port and built-in charging feature. USB-C is far easier to use, and more common than the old Mini USB port in the T16. The built-in charging feature means you don’t have to remove the battery from the radio in order to charge it.

Radiomaster claims the TX16S is officially supported by OpenTX, just like the T16. But as far as I know, it won’t use the same firmware as the T16, they are still working with OpenTX team on its own firmware (Jan 2020).

The TX16S is fully compatible with TBS Crossfire, just like the T16 according to Radiomaster. In fact, you might be able to buy the radio with the Crossfire Micro TX module as a bundle to save some money :)

Although the TX16S has an internal multi-protocol module just like the new Jumper T16 Pro, the antenna on the TX16S doesn’t seem to be removable from the rendered image.

According to Radiomaster, they’ve also improved the switch and button locations from the T16 for better ergonomics.

The SD card slot in the TX16S is moved to the bottom of the radio for easier access. On the T16, it’s inside the battery bay. I don’t think it makes a big difference since we normally access the SD card in bootloader mode without taking it out anyway.

The TX16S offers two “external UART” ports which are missing on the T16. Radiomaster said you can use them for “updates and DIY”, but I am not sure how useful these are yet.

The battery bay in the TX16S seems to be bigger than the T16, and therefore you might be able to fit a larger 2S LiPo battery. But for 18650 Li-Ion, you can still only use two cells.

The TX16S has an extra menu button for “Page Back” and “Page Forward” for “improved menu navigation”. I feel like it’s a little unnecessary to be honest. In the T16 you press the Page button for “Page Forward”, and hold it slightly longer for “Page Back”, and I’ve never felt the need for an extra button. Maybe I will like it more after trying it, who knows :)

Is the TX16S Better Than T16?

So far, purely based on the specs, the TX16S is clearly a better radio than the T16, and it’s cheaper!

I know a lot of people just bought the T16, and probably not very happy with the news. But the T16 is still a really good radio, the improvements on the TX16S are just small tweaks and not enough to make the T16 obsolete.

Hopefully I will get the TX16S for a more in-depth review in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

16 thoughts on “Review: Radiomaster TX16S – Better than Jumper T16?

  1. Christopher F

    Just purchased my T-16 pro. I’m D-Frsky-ing myself and seeing that this T16s uses similar Hall gimbals sickens me and honestly I don’t see much improvement enough to make me reconsider my purchase of the T-16 Pro.
    Type C- don’t care..
    Frsky type Hall gimbals- despise them!
    Menu Buttons forward & back- again who cares
    SD card moved- Not concerned (AT All)

    Things I would have liked to see
    Proper 433mhz RF shielding
    Removable antenna
    And main complaint from most is BRIGHTER SCREEN

  2. Derf

    So the T16 has a bug that interferes with use of DSM receivers. There is a downloadable fix for this, and a promise that Jumper will upgrade to eliminate the problem in future versions of the T16.
    Has the TS16 been upgraded to eliminate the problems with DMS?

  3. fichek

    Some nice additions, but non-removable antenna and usb port moved to the wrong side are enough to not want me to switch from T16 Pro.

  4. Colin

    >>>>>>>>>>>>>>.Does anyone know when this will be available in the UK?<<<<<<<<<<<<< (Midlands) are expecting a delivery at the end of next week. Mine's already reserved.


  5. Niko

    I think the best is one mix of T16 and T16s.
    I like improvement of T16S but the t16 pro hall sticks, are like T series Futaba, and this is sure good..
    The T16 sticks are great; with gimbal axle lateral degree regulation screw.
    This is not present in T16S (the sticks are Frisky type) and this is in my opinion bad.

    So not the news are fine…

  6. Eldenroot

    So no BT module, audio 3,5 mm connector or more switches? :( Maybe in the PRO version or v2? I would like to see detachable antenna as well.

  7. Mark A

    Does anyone know when this will be available in the UK?
    Just bought a T16 Pro for multi rotors, but a second set for fixed wing……?
    You can never have too many transmitters!

  8. David

    How do you not have a removable antenna. That’s a deal breaker. They need to change. Hopefully the case will support it


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