Customize Radiomaster TX16S Screen: Widgets and Theme

by Oscar

To take full advantage of the huge color screen of the Radiomaster TX16S, you should customize the color and interface layout, i.e. the theme and widgets! You can do the same on the Jumper T16 too.

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See my review of the Radiomaster TX16S. You can get this radio from:

So this is the original home screen layout and color, kind of boring right? What good is the color screen if they are all the same? The good news is you can change that in countless ways!

How to Customize Home Screen

Hold down the “TELE” button (last button on the left) will take you into the home screen customization page (Main view 1).

How to Customize TX16S Home Screen Layout

There are five layouts you can choose from, pick the one you like, and select “Setup Widgets

Here you can choose what to display in each box, such as timer, custom text, channel outputs etc, RSSI, battery voltage, or just about anything from telemetry.

Here are some examples:

Here is mine, RSSI for crossfire, and battery voltage from the quad. You can also change the color of the text if you want.

You can create multiple home screens with different layout, to display different elements. You can scroll through these home screens with the “PAGE” button.

How to Change TX16S Home Screen Color

On the same page, press the “PAGE” button until you arrive on the “User Interface” tab. Here you can change the theme of your home screen. You can even fine tune the colors of the background and top bar by setting RGB values.

Play around with the number, you might get surprised :) For example, to make it green instead of red, you just need to enter these values:

In here you can also customize what you want to put in the four slots of the top bar. The elements available are similar to what you get previously in the home screen layout.

Here I will select a few random ones as example.

Using EdgeTX?

If you flashed EdgeTX to your TX16S instead of OpenTX, there are way more theme options available that you can apply right away to your radio.

To choose a theme, hold down the SYS button, and scroll to THEMES.

You can find more themes here created by the community:

Edgetx Flash 10 Themes Template

Next is to setup the widgets.

Usually you want to display telemetry data like battery voltage, RSSI and Link quality etc, so the first thing is to power up your quad, and discover telemetry sensors that are available. If you already have them, you can try deleting them all and discover again just in case, this ensure you get the most up to date list of sensors.

Edgetx Flash 13 Discover Telemetry Sensors

Customizing top bar widgets.

Edgetx Flash 14 Customize Top Bar

Selecting a telemetry data to be placed on top bar.

Edgetx Flash 15 Top Bar Display Telemetry Data

This is how I setup my widgets.

Edgetx Flash 16 Customize Widgets Home Screen

What are you waiting for? Get creative and personalize your Jumper T16 :) I would love to see your creation on

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JDT 26th September 2023 - 9:29 pm

Great I changed to the carbon theme and now cant read anything…

Richard Burrows 8th October 2020 - 11:39 pm

I see in the example above, you have added red and black as your widget colors for RQly and RxBt. I cannot get any of the telemetry widget colors to change?

Cau Siang 13th August 2020 - 7:14 pm

Mr. Oscar

Hi, how are you, hope u well, i want to ask about LCD Screen issue in my Jumper T18, i accidentally drop the remote and the LCD screen is crack, i want to ask can i replace the LCD screen with Jumper T16 LCD screen ? Because i search at the internet no one sell the Jumper T18 LCD Screen, thanks and waiting your reply ASAP, thanks.

Cau Siang

Oscar 17th August 2020 - 7:30 pm

To be honest i don’t know, best to check with Jumper about this.

Martin 22nd March 2020 - 3:52 am Reply
KM|fpv 5th November 2019 - 10:25 pm

This is also available on the nirvana, but more accessible thru the touchscreen. You only need to upgrade the firmware to the version from Stefan73 (

Jerzy 4th November 2019 - 3:55 pm

How can I change wallpaper?