How To Transfer Model Profiles to New Radio Through OpenTX Companion

You can use OpenTX Companion to transfer model profiles from an old radio to your new radio, or restore backup to existing radios, here is how.

This tutorial works on any radio running OpenTX firmware.

Download OpenTX Companion

You can download the OpenTX Companion here. It’s a software program.

At the time of writing the latest version is 2.2.3. The process should be the same for future versions, if there are changes I will update this guide asap.

Open OpenTX Companion program.

Copy / Backup Model Profiles

Connect your old radio to the computer via USB cable as “massstorage”. This allows you to access the SD card inside the radio.

Not sure what “massstorage” is? It’s a setting under Radio Setup tab, USB Mode. There are 3 options, Joystick, Massstorage and Ask. It’s best to leave this setting at “Ask” so you are prompted what to choose when connecting USB.

Alternatively you can also access the SD card by going into bootloader mode (what’s “bootloader mode”? Search for “bootloader” in this article.

If this is the first time you are connecting your radio to the computer, you should create a new radio profile first, and select the correct radio type. If you’ve done this before you can ignore it.

In the OpenTX Companion menu, find and click “Read/Write” => “Read Model and Settings from Radio”.

You will get a list of models on your radio in a popup window.

Then under “File” in the menu, click “Save As” to save these models in a .otx file somewhere on your computer. Give it a name such as “RadioModel-Date.otx”, so it’s easier to manage.

You have now successfully backed up the models on the radio to your computer. You can unplug your radio from the computer.

Paste / Restore Model Profiles

Connect your new radio via USB as “massstorage”.

Again, if this is the first time you are connecting your radio to the computer, you should create a new radio profile first, and select the correct radio type.

For the Jumper T16, you should choose Horus X10 / X10S, because these radios use the same firmware.

Open the .otx file we saved earlier from the old radio. If these radios are different, you will get a compatibility warning, and that the models and settings need to be converted. Just click Yes.

You might get a warning about differences between the switches or sliders, which is normal, just click OK.

Select the model profiles you want to copy over, right click to select “Copy XX Models”. Go over to the new radio window, right click and select “Paste XX Models”.

Finally, write settings to the new radio: under “Read/Write”, click “Write Models and Settings to radio”. That’s it!

I’ve found this is the safest way to do it if you are migrating to a different radio. You should avoid loading everything from the old radio to the new one, because that would overwrite all settings such as battery voltage range etc.

If you are just restoring a backup from the same radio, you can simply open the backed up .otx file and write it directly to your radio, without copying and pasting.

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