Runcam Phoenix Oscar Edition FPV Camera Revealed

Runcam is releasing a new FPV camera, the Phoenix Oscar Edition which I helped develop. This is a micro camera with full size M12 lens designed for day time flying.

Here are some sample footage:

Where to Buy?

(More vendors are being added)

For wholesale please contact Runcam directly: hello AT

It comes with some mounting screws, a micro to full size adapter, and silicone cable.

What’s Special about the Phoenix Oscar Edition?

Runcam didn’t plan to release this camera until I convinced them otherwise. It doesn’t perform as well as the Eagle at low light, but I found it to be an excellent camera for day time flying – with some tweaking, the image quality is absolutely stunning!

I really think the Phoenix Oscar edition is one of the best cameras out there for day light. This will surely replace cameras on all my freestyle quads and FPV wings.

Features and Specs

  • Sensor: 1/3″ 120dB WDR Sensor
  • 1000TVL
  • 2.5mm M12 Lens
  • 4:3 and 16:9 Ratio selectable
  • PAL and NTSC switchable
  • Supports Image Mirror and Flip
  • Supports VBAT and Timer OSD (displaying battery voltage on screen)
  • Min. Illumination: 0.01Lux @ 1.2F
  • Day/Night: Color / Auto / B&W
  • Input Voltage: 5V – 36V
  • Current consumption: 220mA @ 5V, 120mA @ 12V
  • Weight: 9g
  • Housing material: ABS
  • Dimension: 19x19x20mm

Mounting holes on the sides.

Screws on the back, allow you can mount Runcam’s TX200U VTX.

You can easily change camera settings with a Runcam joystick (not included), or camera control via flight controller (UART).

To switch mode (UART or Joystick), simply short these two pins when powering up the camera (for more detail see manual).

It’s a micro camera with a full size M12 lens, just like the Micro Eagle. Here is a size comparison to the Eagle 2.

Latency is similar to the Eagle.

Form Factor and Lens

For weight saving and the best possible image quality, I settled with the Micro form factor with full size M12 lenses.

It comes with a micro to full size camera adapter so hopefully it will fit in any mini quad frames, as well as many wings and planes.

My Camera Settings

What you see in the goggles is different from what you see from DVR footage, so comparing FPV cameras based on DVR footage is usually not the most accurate, though it’s the easiest thing to do.

For example, some cameras might look ultra sharp and clear in DVR footage, but when you are looking through the goggles, the image is actually over-sharpened. This results in distracting digital artifacts and shimmering.

I tuned this camera based on what I see in the goggles to ensure the best possible flying experience.

Edit History

  • Apr 2019 – camera revealed
  • May 2019 – updated links for purchase

32 thoughts on “Runcam Phoenix Oscar Edition FPV Camera Revealed

    1. Oscar Post author

      Yes. I’m not sure about 1.8mm version actually, I’ve not tested that one. I didn’t plan to release the 1.8mm version, it’s entirely Runcam’s idea.

  1. Tones

    I bought this cam and I’ve been using the AKK Oscar’s backpack VTX since ordering one the day it became available for my micros, because I can’t stand flying without sound. I figured I’d use one on a 5″ build, the way it was intended, and it appears the threads on the standoffs that ship with Oscar’s backpack don’t match the camera. Have I just not triedbhard enough because I don’t want to strip or crossthread the camera housing, or is the thread indeed incorrect? Thanks, anyone who knows for sure. 😁👍

  2. Montó FPV

    Hey, I bought your camera.
    I have it connected on the UART Mode. But I want to switch of the OSD from the camera (just want to use the OSD from the FC) but I can’t find any place on the menu to do It… Any suggestion?

  3. Patrick

    I have the micro Sparrow 2 (the small one, not the pro), and I like it a lot. How would you compare this to that one?

  4. Xioiz

    Hello Oscar,
    For racing, what do you think is the best option, the runcam phoenix oscar edition or the nano racer 2?

  5. Steve

    Does this camera have the same white out effect when you do a flip into the sun as the micro eagle? I don’t want to turn down max gain to help eliminate this, I want my max gain.

  6. Fraser Steen

    Now I’ve figured out what you’ve done I think you’ve done a really great job. The Eagle is great generally but makes otherwise pretty scenery look pretty dull. It looks like you’ve done a pretty good job fixing that.

  7. CiottiFPV

    Are they going to make it in any other colors?

    Since there are screws on the. Ack does that mean that the guts can be removed? The micro eagles are glued/bonded together so when the case breaks you lose the entire camera which sucks.

    1. Oscar Post author

      Currently, no plan of making other colours, but we might if demand is good. Yea the lens can be removed from the sensor.

  8. Jimbreed Fpv

    I usually fly a swift3 with the m12 2.5gp lens. Is this a standard 2.5 lens or the go pro style one? Also is this cmos or ccd?

  9. Enrique

    Are you planning to offer other lenses?
    With that 2.5mm lens what is the approx FOV in degrees? I normally like to use 1.8mm on my Swift 2’s.

    1. Oscar Post author

      140 deg in 4:3 mode. You can use spare lenses on Runcam’s website, they should be interchangeable.

    1. Oscar Post author

      I fly 4:3 mode and it’s around 140 degree.
      Not sure about 16:9 yet, my guess is around 155-160 degree, but I can only confirm when the final specs come out from factory.

  10. Adhvik Chandran

    Looks cool but I don’t think it will replace the micro eagle as the reason the micro eagle is so popular is that it has a 1/1.8″ sensor, which is significantly larger than the 1/3″ sensor in this cam.

  11. Dan

    Is it going to be pre programmed with your ideal settings? Or will you release those to give us a good starting point for camera settings?

    1. Oscar Post author

      Yes, it’s pre-loaded with my personal settings.
      And you can play around with the settings to suit your own environment and lighting condition :)

  12. dave

    agreed, very cool name indeed.

    ive been hesitant on buying a micro eagle/JB as they are $70 in canada.
    Cant justify that.

    my runcam robin is doing just fine for my flying.

    i really want a micro/m12 though and this looks like it could be the one.

  13. bopiloot

    That sounds like a good camera to try out a specially cause you helped development.
    Any idea of the price setting or release date?
    And wow the Phoenix, it really couldn’t be a cooler named camera.


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