How to Update T16 JumperTX Firmware

Although the Jumper T16 is running JumperTX firmware which is forked from OpenTX, firmware update procedure is completely different. Instead of using OpenTX Companion, you will have to flash your T16 using SD card. In this tutorial I will show you how.

Here is my review of the Jumper T16. You can get it from

How to Check Latest Version

Even if you have the latest version, check the date of release also. Jumper does release new firmware based on the current firmware version for bug fixes.

Go to Radio Setup page by holding the “SYS” key, then press the “PAGE” button to scroll to the “Version” tab. You want to check if the Version number and release date are the latest.

Here is how to flash new firmware on the Jumper T16.

Firmware Download

Download the firmware file here, which is .bin file:

If you use R9M module, you can download the FLEX firmware (FLEXR9), if you don’t then it doesn’t matter to you. You can also choose different language here.

Bootloader Mode

There are two ways to copy the firmware files onto the SD card. You can simply take the SD card out and insert it to your computer, or do it in bootloader mode as shown below.

You can put the firmware file on the SD card via a USB cable by entering bootloader mode on the radio. To enter bootloader mode, press both trim buttons inward then power up the radio.

When you are in bootloader mode you should see this screen:

Now if you connect the USB cable, your PC will detect the radio as a USB device, this is the SD card inside the radio.

Copy Firmware File in SD Card

You can now copy and paste the firmware .bin file to the FIRMWARE folder.

Before you do that, you might want to rename the file to something shorter as for some reason if the filename is too long, the radio cant detect it, e.g. “T16223.bin”.

Once it’s done, disconnect the USB cable.

Backup Models

If you don’t want to lose your existing models on the radio, it’s a good idea to back them up now in case something goes wrong.

You can do so with the OpenTX Companion program. To do this, enter bootloader mode again, connect USB cable, run the OpenTX Companion. In the program, read radio settings, and finally save the models to a file (.otx).

Write Firmware

Best to have your batteries charged before proceeding, so your radio does not switch off during flashing – which can brick it.

Enter bootloader mode in the T16, select the option “Write Firmware” and then select the firmware file you put there previously.

Now select and flash the file according to the instruction on the screen. The flashing should only take around 30 seconds to complete. Once done, select EXIT to turn off the radio.

To verify the update, go to the Version tab and check the version number and release date.

Download SD Card Content

The only time you need to download SD Card Content is when you get a warning on your radio complaining about it, or when you are updating new firmware with different firmware version. Generally, you don’t have to worry about it if the firmware version number is the same (even if the release dates are different).

Here is what to do with SD card content.

First of all, back up your existing SD card content somewhere on your computer. Give it a name such as “T16-date”.

Download SD Card content from the same page where you downloaded the firmware, unzip the file and overwrite the SD card. If you are missing any custom images, sound packs etc, just look it up in the backup and copy them over.

15 thoughts on “How to Update T16 JumperTX Firmware

  1. Franky Nathanael

    Hi Oscar Liang,

    I’ve been following you for all this time, what a great job to help RC anthusiast around the world especially when China product come to the market.

    Now I use T16 beside my T18SZ, and got 2 module (4in1 default and R9),
    You wrote “If you use R9M module, you can download the FLEX firmware (FLEXR9), if you don’t then it doesn’t matter to you”
    What is the reason why I should take the FLEX instead of the normal firmware?
    Fyi, I got some drones and fixed wing that connect to 4in1 module and R9 as well, so I have to change the module frequently

  2. Gedir Campos

    Hi Oscar.

    I have some drones with R9mm receivers and others that are not compatible with R9 module (xm+, R-XSR…).

    In this case I can use flex firmware and change the module according to the drone I’m going to use or is the flex firmware only compatible with the R9 module?

    Will I have to make a firmware change every time I change the R9 module to JP4in1 every time I use a drone with a different receiver?

  3. Yar

    Hi! Oscar, thak you for your work!
    Can’t find info about updating firmware on Jumper T16 multiprotocole module (module itself). Can we ask for this tutorial? :) I think this is quite rare instruction at this time.

  4. JustSumGuy

    So, I want to get this straight..
    The Jumper T16 CANNOT USE OPENTX but MUST use its own version.. Is that right?
    and they seem to have packed up and ran?

    If this is true I am sure glad I did not get one of these…

  5. Ppp

    Seems to the firmware download page isnt avaible anymore at Jumper www site.
    Also fb says none info about firmware files.
    IS this only Way to get firmware to trash system with docker?

  6. Raphael

    Hello, the link to download the new firmware doesn’t work any more. Have you got news about that ? Do we have fix this problem through GitHub ?

  7. bopiloot

    Hi all,
    I opened up the T16 to get rid of the play on the scroll wheel. Since then the radio makes a static sound ‘tac’ on power up, like before the screen powers up. Shouldn’t be anything related so I am perplexed. Maybe some electronic wiz that has an idea?


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