Review: Flycolor X-Cross BL-32 ESC

The Flycolor X-Cross 35A is the upgrade of their popular Raptor 30A ESC’s. The X-Cross ESC runs the latest BLHeli_32 firmware and support Dshot1200 protocol. It’s compact and lightweight at an affordable price.

Where to buy – Banggood (, Amazon (


  • Current Rating: Continuous 35A, Burst 40A
  • Input voltage: 3S to 6S
  • Supported protocols: PWM, Oneshot, Multishot and DShot
  • Weight: 6.3g with wires, 3.6g without wires
  • Size: 28x14x5mm

Close Look at the Flycolor X-Cross ESC

The Raptor ESC’s (BLHeli_S) have been a reliable option, a lot of people are still using them. The X-Cross is the BLHeli_32 upgrade. They are actually in a similar form factor so replacement should be easy.

These ESC’s come with 10cm 18AWG silicone wires soldered on, the signal cable is 18cm long. Soldering pads are big and easy to work with.

There is a built-in colour RGB LED which is great for night flying. You can change the colour in BLHeliSuite.

There is ESC telemetry pad as well as signal ground pad on the ESC.

Note that there is no built-in current sensor on these ESC’s. If you want to get current usage info, you’d have to use the current sensor in your FC/PDB.

The BLHeli_32 firmware these are using are FLYCOLOR_X_CROSS_BL_32_MULTI.


I will test these ESC’s on a quad over the next few weeks, and report back if there is any issue.

35A Not Enough?

Flycolor also make 50A version in case you need more power :) Banggood (, Amazon (

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