April Sale: Top Discounted FPV Products on Banggood

by Oscar
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This week I went through Banggood’s FPV product catalog and handpicked the following products, which I asked for special coupons and deals to share with you guys. I hope you find these sales useful! This post is sponsored by Banggood.

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Eachine TX805 VTX

The TX805 VTX is on sale this month on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/producrt-wu9w

  • Promotion Price: US$26.99
  • Exp: 30th April 2024

The Eachine TX805 is an analog video transmitter that won’t break the bank. Despite its affordability, it’s packed with features: compactness, 30x30mm mounting patterns, compatibility with a wide input voltage range (7V-24V), and support for 5 bands. Moreover, it boasts a power output of up to 800mW. Its compact and lightweight design ensures that installation is a breeze. See my review for more info: https://oscarliang.com/eachine-tx805-vtx/

Caddx Ratel Pro Camera

Caddx Ratel Pro Fpv Camera

The Ratel Pro camera is on sale this month on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-e0xm

  • Promotion Price: US$51.99 (coupon: BG150b29)
  • Exp: 30th April 2024

The Caddx Ratel Pro is a step forward in analog FPV camera technology, excelling in both daytime and nighttime conditions. However, its narrow FOV could be a deal-breaker for many drone pilots. While it may not dethrone the Ratel 2 for FPV drone personally, it could find its niche among pilots flying at higher altitudes or in applications where a narrower FOV is acceptable. For those seeking a versatile FPV camera capable of performing well day and night, the Ratel Pro is worth considering. See my review: https://oscarliang.com/caddx-ratel-pro-fpv-camera/

DarwinFPV FoldApe 4″ RTF Kit

Darwinfpv Foldape4 4 Inch Long Range Fpv Drone Folded

The FoldApe RTF kit is on sale this month on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-7gc4

  • Promotion Price: US$400.89 (coupon: BGbccce1)
  • Exp: 30th April 2024

If you’re limited on space to pack a full size FPV drone, the FoldApe4 presents a compelling option. It offers a unique blend of portability, performance, and price, making it a standout choice in the 4-inch long-range FPV drone category. While it may not feature top notch components, its thoughtful design, solid construction, and flight performance create a compelling package for pilots of all skill levels. See my review: https://oscarliang.com/darwinfpv-foldape4/

Radiomaster ExpressLRS Ranger Module

Radiomaster Expresslrs Tx Modules Ranger Tx16s Jr Bay Led Light Screen

The Ranger module is on sale this month on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-rywr

  • Promotion Price: US$130.19
  • Exp: 26th April 2024

Radiomaster don’t need much introduction, they make quality radio link gear for the hobby, and the Ranger module is just the best they offer to date. In my testing, the Ranger held its output power very closely to 1000mW for over 20 minutes thanks to the excellent cooling, outperforming many other ExpressLRS modules out there. See my review: https://oscarliang.com/radiomaster-ranger-micro-nano-expresslrs-module/

Radiomaster ExpressLRS Ranger Micro Module

Radiomaster Expresslrs Tx Modules Ranger Micro

The Ranger Micro module is on sale this month on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-2zqw

  • Promotion Price: US$46.99
  • Exp: 26th April 2024

The Ranger Micro module is one of the cheapest and best performing modules at this price point. See my review: https://oscarliang.com/radiomaster-ranger-micro-nano-expresslrs-module/

Radiomaster RP4TD Diversity Receiver

Radiomaster Rp4td Diversity Expresslrs Elrs Receiver Rx

The RP4TD receiver is on sale this month on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-ia5y

  • Promotion Price: US$24.17
  • Exp: 26th April 2024

If you ever want to use ExpressLRS Gemini feature, you will need a reliable, true diversity receiver, such as the RP4TD by Radiomaster. See my review here: https://oscarliang.com/radiomaster-rp4td-receiver/

Namimno ExpressLRS Receiver

The Namimno receiver is on sale this month on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-zcm9

  • Coupon: BGef5a59
  • Exp: 30th April 2024

This is one of the cheapest ExpressLRS receivers I can find on BG.

Emax Tinyhawk III Plus RTF Kit

The Tinyhawk III Plus kit is on sale this month on Banggood: https://oscarliang.com/product-8qha

  • Promotion Price from US$159.70
  • Exp: 26th April 2024

Good Deals on Products You Want

Hope you find these sales interesting. Let me know if there’re other products you want to get discount on and I will see what I can do in the next one.

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