FPV Stickers !

What’s better to show your support than sticking those stickers of your favourite brand on everything? We just printed some stickers for the blog and IntoFPV forum, and you can grab some here.

The designs are nothing fancy, just logos of the sites. If you have any good ideas on what sort of fun stickers we should do in the future, please let me know :)

There are 4 designs in the “basic package“:

  • 10 x IntoFPV logo, matte white vinyl (size: 45mm x 20mm)
  • 2 x IntoFPV logo, gloss clear vinyl (size: 80mm x 30mm)
  • 10 x OscarLiang logo, circle, matte vinyl (size: 38 diameter)
  • 8 x OscarLiang logo, square, matte black vinyl (size: 45mm x 22mm)

You can also order “double” which simply has twice as many stickers as the basic package, or “double with 2 IntoFPV LiPo straps“.


Price includes world-wide shipping.

How Many Stickers

Stick the those stickers everywhere!

On your FPV Goggles!

On Your Laptop!

On your Taranis TX!

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