FPV Stickers !

by Oscar

OscarLiang.com and IntoFPV.com are offering some cool stickers of limited quantity. Show your support and put those stickers everywhere :)

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The designs are nothing fancy, just logos of the websites. If you have any good ideas on what sort of fun stickers we should do in the future, please shoot me a PM :)

Update (Jun 2019): Stickers out of stock indefinitely. Let me know if you want these back in stock.

The “basic package” includes these sticks and quantity:

  • 10 x IntoFPV logo, matte white vinyl (size: 45mm x 20mm)
  • 3 x IntoFPV logo, gloss clear vinyl (size: 80mm x 30mm)
  • 10 x OscarLiang logo, circle, matte vinyl (size: 38 diameter)
  • 10 x OscarLiang logo, square, matte black vinyl (size: 45mm x 22mm)

You can also order “double” which simply has double the stickers as the basic package.

Stick the those stickers everywhere!

On your FPV Goggles!

On Your Laptop!

On your Taranis TX!

Update History

  • Apr 2017 – First batch available
  • Jul 2017 – sold out
  • Dec 2017 – Second batch available

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