Don’t Buy AirPods Right Now: New AirPods Coming Out in 2023

by Oscar
Apple Airpods Pro

Apple has done it again, accidentally leaking information about new, unreleased AirPods likely coming later this year. The hard part is figuring out which pair of AirPods is getting refreshed or if it’s an entirely new, never-before-seen AirPods product. Let’s do some digging to find out.

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You can get the AirPods today on Amazon (, but you might want to hold off because we might be expecting a new version in 2023.

New AirPods and Case Leak

Two new AirPods products were leaked within iOS 16.4, as revealed by Aaron on Twitter. The leak includes a new AirPods model (A30048) and a new AirPods case (A2968). Before we discuss the new AirPods product, let’s first talk about the AirPods case.

The USB-C AirPods Case

With the iPhone 15 lineup featuring thinner bezels and no lightning ports, Apple is switching over to the new USB-C port. Leaks online reported that the USB-C could potentially enable faster charging speeds but only with Apple certified cables.

Considering the AirPods 3 already come with MagSafe charging support, it makes sense for Apple to create a new USB-C charging case for the AirPods Pro 2, coinciding with the iPhone 15 lineup launch this September.

Possible New AirPods Product

Now, let’s discuss what the new mystery AirPods product could be. It’s unlikely to be AirPods 4 or AirPods Pro 3, given their recent releases. This leaves us with the possibility of AirPods Max 2, which could launch later this year with a USB-C port and other upgraded features.


With the accidental leak of new AirPods and their case, I personally would certainly hold off on buying AirPods right now and wait for the possible new version. I can’t wait to see what Apple has in store for us later this year.

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