Review: TS80P Soldering Iron // Better than TS80?

It’s been a year since I bought the portable TS80 USB soldering iron, finally Miniware has released the upgrade version – TS80P. Here is an overview of the specs and new features, and whether or not it’s better than the old TS80 and worth upgrading to.

See my review of the TS80 soldering iron. If you are wondering what kind of solder you should buy, see my tutorial on how to choose solder.

Where to Buy?

You can get the TS80P soldering iron from:

Specifications of TS80P Soldering Iron

  • Adjustable Temperature: 100°C to 400°C
  • Input Voltage: 9V/2A (QC 3.0) / 12V 2.5A (PD2.0)
  • Max Power: 30W
  • Power Connector: USB-C

What’s New in the TS80P?

At first glance the TS80P looks very similar to the old TS80 – almost identical appearance, length and diameter. The housing is still made of aluminium and feels really nice and solid in hands, very light weight too. However the TS80P has a slightly wider grip/handle, some might prefer the different ergonomics.

Both soldering irons share the same menu, and can be flashed with custom firmware via the USB-C port if you want. The TS80P can be powered by 9V/2A (QC 3.0) / 12V 2.5A (PD2.0) through the USB-C interface.

The main improvement is the increased output power, from 18W to 30W. It only takes 11 seconds to reach 350°C, compared to the 18 seconds from the TS80.

The other difference is the new soldering tip ejector – you now have to push the front of the handle to release the tip. This is a safety feature in my opinion, as you no longer have to grip the tip so hard to pull it out in case it’s hot, and it also prevents the tip from accidentally falling off the iron.

The TS80P uses the same soldering tip connector as the TS80 (3.5mm audio jack), making all the soldering tips exchangeable between the TS80 and TS80P, which is great for backward/forward compatibility.

The TS80P comes with a power supply which is really nice, but you might have to get an adapter to use it as it has the Chinese plug.

It also includes a ground clip – you can attach this to your solder iron, and connect it to the ground in your wall socket. This prevents damage to sensitive electronics from static electricity discharging or current from your soldering iron during soldering.

Note that it doesn’t come with a holder, you should definitely get one because if you rest the TS80P on the bench, it just rolls. You might also want to get a tip cleaner with this as it doesn’t’ come with sponge.

Should You Upgrade to TS80P?

If you are deciding between the TS80P or TS80, you should definitely go for the TS80P. The extra power will come in handy when you need it.

You can get the TS80P soldering iron from:

If you already own the TS80 and wondering if you should upgrade, it depends. If you are mostly  working on PCB and doing “light” soldering, you don’t really have to upgrade. But if you work with heavy duty stuff, like soldering heatsink or XT60 connectors, then the TS80P would be a very nice upgrade.


However, if you are just a drone builder and doesn’t need the USB power interface, I still think the good old TS100 is a better option. Not only you can power it directly from a LiPo battery, it’s much cheaper ($57) and more powerful too (65W).

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