Reveiw: Turbo Racing 1:76 Mini RC Sports Car

by Oscar
Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Size Compare Tiny Whoop

Today we have a fun RC toy to check out, the tiniest RC car I’ve ever seen –  Turbo Racing 1:76 Mini RC Sports Car. It’s probably one of the world’s smallest fully-proportional RC Car, giving you a real RC experience in a small package!

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Where to Buy?

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Unbox Accessories

In the package, you will find the following accessories:

  • 1 x 1:76th scale Car
  • 1 x 2.4ghz Transmitter
  • 1 x USB-C charge cable
  • 1 x Bind Pin
  • 1 x User manual

It also comes with two additional unpainted body shells so you can customize the look of your car to make it stand out from the crowd!


  • Scale: 1:76
  • Range: Up to 30 meters
  • Run time: 40 minutes
  • Charge time: 30 minutes
  • Slope angle: 30 degrees
  • Size: 50x23x19mm
  • Car weight: 14.7g
  • Battery capacity: 75mah
  • Transmitter: Model P31 2.4ghz
  • Channels: 3ch
  • Transmitter battery: AAA x 4 (Not included)
  • Transmitter size: 137×162.3×68.6mm

Closer Look at the Car

The Turbo Racing 1:76th scaled RC car is absolutely tiny, even smaller than my Tiny Whoop.

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Size Compare Tiny Whoop

It has a built-in 75mAh Lipo battery, a full charge lasts up to 40 minutes of drive time. It can be recharged through USB-C port, and it takes about 30-minute to fully charge.

Featuring scale car body shell, tires, LED headlights, and tail lights for a life-like appearance! I have to say the attention to detail is amazing.

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Front Head Light The LED lights on the car can be turned on/off/flashing. So you can tell the orientation of the car even in the dark.

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Tail Brake Light On the bottom of the car, you will find the USB-C port for charging, power switch, and bind button. The car has been bound to the radio out of the box.

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Bottom Usb Power Switch Bind Button

There are under lights too.

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Under Light

One full charge gives about half an hour of drive time. Towards the end of the battery it will start to get a little sluggish. Turning all the lights off does increase run time though.

It’s pretty fast for its size, and it’s fun in small space. You have the option to reduce max speed, so it’s even drive-able on desktop if you are skilled enough.

Radio Transmitter

It comes with a “pistol grip” remote control transmitter. For someone like me who never used one of these controllers before, it was easy enough to master how to control the car.

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Radio Transmitter Throttle Trigger

Twisting the wheel on the side to steer, and pulling/pushing the trigger to go forward and backward. All the “settings” such as max speed, trim and rates are located in the control panel located on the top of the radio. The two buttons on the side control the LED’s on the car.

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Radio Transmitter Button Control Panel

The remote is powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included in the package).

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Radio Transmitter Aaa Batteries Holder

I wish it was using 18650 or LiPo so they can be easily recharged as most people in the hobby already have the charger for these types of battery. Replacing AAA gets more expensive over time (although it doesn’t really run out that often).

You can actually charge the car from the remote, by pushing the slider under the battery tray (then twist it) to get the USB-C adaptor out.

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Usb C Radio

Once the car is connected, push the power button to the center where it says “charge”. The red light will come on on the radio indicating it’s charging the car.

Turbo Racing 176 Mini Rc Sports Car Radio Charging

I wish the car can be bound to a standard RC remote (with sticks). The included pistol grip transmitter isn’t very high quality and it’s not very precise when it comes to control.

The other downside is price. For $77, it’s not exactly cheap. But it’s definitely much safer than a drone if you are looking for a Christmas gift for children. And they get much more fun if you get multiple of them and race together.

Racing Tracks

When researching this product I found this racing track made by the same company, Turbo Racing. It looks like fun to have multiple cars racing on this track :)

Product Page:

Turbo Racing Car Track

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Nolan 27th March 2024 - 1:00 am

what is that “pin” thing on the chassis?
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