Review: ViFly Finder Mini – Small Self-Powered Buzzer

by Oscar

Vifly makes many useful FPV gadgets, and Vifly Finder, a self powered buzzer, is one of them. They recently dropped a smaller version – the Vifly Finder Mini, so let’s check out its feature and specs.

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Where to Buy Vifly Finder?

Vifly Finder Mini (3g, 7 hours battery):

Vifly Finder V2 (5g, 30 hours battery):

Comes with the buzzer, a zip tie and the manual in a plastic box.

Specs and Features

The Vifly Finder Mini is a compact buzzer that has a tiny integrated 1S 40mAh LiPo battery. If you crash your FPV drone and the battery is ejected, or has run out, the buzzer should still beep to help you locate it, for up to 7 hours!

As long as it’s connected to the drone by 5V, it continuously keeps the internal battery of the Finder Mini charged, it’s maintenance free.

Here’s a side by side comparison of a standard buzzer, the Vifly Finder Mini, and the Vifly Finder V2.

The V2 is what I have personally been using on all my 5″ long range quads, and FPV wings for the past two years. It’s really a must have component and helped me more times than I can count. But it’s a bit too big and heavy for smaller crafts like 2″ and 3″, and the Finder Mini would be a much better option.

Here is a specs comparison table between the Vifly Finder Mini and Finder V2.

Vifly Finder V2 Vifly Finder Mini
Weight 4.9g 2.8g
Size (mm) 24x16x13 19x11x12
Battery Capacity 80mAh 40mAh
Run Time (up to) 30 hours 7 hours
Light Sensor Yes No
Volume (My Data) 106dB 90dB

Differences Between Finder Mini and V2

Despite of the 1/2 battery size, power time of the Finder Mini is reduced drastically to barely 1/4 of that of the V2. Still, it’s quite amazing how light they managed to make the Finder Mini, at a merely 2.8g. It’s almost half of the weight and size.

But because the Finder Mini is using a smaller buzzer, volume is not as loud as the V2. My measurement of Mini’s volume is exactly 90dB at 20cm distance, comparing to the 106dB of the V2.

Note that the Vifly Finder Mini also has a bright LED (smaller than the one on the V2) to help search in the dark. But it does not have a light sensor and so the LED is always flashing regardless of the environment. I guess that’s why maximum power time is shorter because it’s less efficient.

If your model can carry an extra 2g, I’d still favour the V2. But for micro quads, where form factor and weight matter a lot, the Finder Mini would be an excellent buzzer to have.

Here’s my review of the Vifly Finder V2 buzzer.

Check out the manual on how to use the Vifly Finder Mini buzzer, including wiring diagram, activation and alarm pattern.

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Sefie 24th April 2024 - 7:52 am

Just to be sure: the finder only beeps when the battery gets disconnected WHILE ARMED/BEEPING, right? Or do I alert the spot with 90dB noise on every pack change?

Oscar 24th April 2024 - 5:45 pm

It will beep whenever the battery is unplugged, but there’s a few seconds delay, so if you quickly plug in another pack, it should not beep. Anyway you can disable the beep using the button when you unplug the battery, even before it starts beeping.