How to Backup and Restore Models and Radio Settings on EdgeTX Radios

by Oscar
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Regularly backing up models and radio settings on a radio transmitter running EdgeTX firmware is crucial to protect your configurations. This guide will help you recover your settings in cases such as needing to reset your transmitter, update the firmware, or transfer settings to a new transmitter. Additionally, I’ll guide you through the process of restoring models and radio settings.

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Backing Up Radio Settings and Models

Since EdgeTX 2.5, all configurations are saved on the SD card, no longer using the tedious EEPROM. This means backing up models and radio settings is as simple as copying a couple of folders to your computer. Specifically, the models and radio settings are saved in the “MODELS” and “RADIO” folders.

Connect Radio As Storage

Power on the radio and connect it to your computer using a USB cable. When prompted, select ‘USB Storage (SD)’.

Edgetx Connect Radio Usb Storage Sd Joystick Hid Prompt

Two new external drives should appear on your computer. Open the one containing the SD card content (you should see folders like “FIRMWARE”, “MODELS”, “RADIO”, etc.). If you have a radio with a monochrome LCD screen, you might see fewer folders as THEMES, WIDGETS and IMAGES don’t really apply to you.

You can copy all the folders to a safe location on your computer for a complete backup.

Flash Edgetx Backup Sd Content Update 2.8

Alternatively, backing up just the “MODELS” and “RADIO” folders saves time and space, as these contain all your model profiles and radio settings.

Edgetx Radio Sd Card Content Backup Models Folder Yml Files Edgetx Radio Sd Card Content Backup Radio Folder Yml Files


Restoring Radio Settings and Models

Power on the radio and connect it to your computer via USB. When prompted, choose ‘USB Storage (SD)’. A new drive should appear on your computer.

Edgetx Connect Radio Usb Storage Sd Joystick Hid Prompt

If you previously backed up all folders and files, you can go ahead and delete everything on the radio’s SD card and copy the backed-up folders over.

If you only backed up the “MODELS” and “RADIO” folders, delete just these two folders on the radio storage and replace them with the backed-up folders.

That’s it.

Additional Tips

  • Regular Backups: Make it a habit to back up your settings regularly (e.g. every 3 months or 6 months), especially before making significant changes.
  • File Management: Organize and label your backup files clearly for easy identification, especially if you have multiple radios. Keep multiple backup files, ideally with timestamps, to revert to different stages of your configuration history.
  • Firmware Updates: If you’re updating your EdgeTX firmware, it’s especially important to back up beforehand.


By following these steps, you can effectively back up and restore your radio settings and models on an EdgeTX firmware-equipped transmitter, providing peace of mind and convenient recovery options for your configurations.

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Konstantin 27th April 2024 - 11:04 pm

Hi Oscar. When I connect my “jumper t-pro v2” (ELRS) to the windows laptop, but Wiindows shows me error “You need to format disk E before you can use it”. Any tricks I can do to back up my models without formatting?

Oscar 29th April 2024 - 4:09 pm

1. Try a different computer? (if not, try restarting your computer and radio and try again?)
2. If that doesn’t work out, try using EdgeTX Companion to backup your models?

Benedikt 15th January 2024 - 4:07 pm

Hi Oscar,

thanks for the short and precise tutorial! In other videos I saw that the backup of the models and radiosettings was done in the EdgeTX Companion app. This looked much more complicated than your method. Is there any reason to do it via the app?
I wanted to exchange the factory SD card with a new one from SanDisk and I’m asking myself if I just can copy and paste the folder structure from above to the new card (after I formatted it properly).

Greetings from Germany

Oscar 17th January 2024 - 2:55 pm

I normally use the Companion software for playing around with logical switches and special functions and other things. You can certainly use it for backing up and restoring radio profiles too, but there are more efficient ways, like copying files on SD card. There’s another beneift of the Companion: say you are trying to transfer profiles to a different radio, Companion can attempt to convert the configs for you, though personally I would not do that if there are fewer switches in the new radio, some config might not work properly and in such cases it would be safer to just build your profiles from scratch.

Hans Burk 2nd January 2024 - 5:40 pm

hab alles versäumt, ( radiomaster T20 – 915 ) wie komme ich auf die werkseinstellung im auslieferungszustand zurück.
bin für jede hilfe dankbar.

Filipe 13th November 2023 - 9:31 pm

Backup is so important. Thanks for the reminder :-)