News: Is DYS Coming Back? Introducing Flash Hobby!

If you are a member of IntoFPV forum, or a follower of my social media, you have probably learned that DYS went out of business around this time last year.

DYS was one of the oldest RC manufacturers, however they struggled with finance and was unable to keep going. More info in this post.

Despite of this, mysteriously, certain DYS components was still available for sale, such as my favourite budget motor, the Sunfun 2207, even at the time of publishing this post.

Unfortunately, DYS is never going to come back, that’s for sure. It turned out that a new company called “Flash Hobby” was established, and they took over the entire manufacturing from DYS. That’s is why we can still see some of DYS’s iconic products on the market.

However some old DYS products will be phased out soon such as the Sunfun and Samguk series motors. FlashHobby is planning to replace them with their newly released “Arthur” series.

Take a look at what products FlashHobby is offering at the moment:

The Arthur motors are the new budget option, designed specifically for FPV drones, available in various sizes and KV (1106, 1204, 1207, 1404, 1408, 1507 2207.5). They recently sent me these motors for testing :)

I can’t wait to see what new FPV products FlashHobby releases next :)

2 thoughts on “News: Is DYS Coming Back? Introducing Flash Hobby!

  1. Loko FPV

    Great to hear, I really liked the DYS products, especially the ESCs. Do you probably know if Flashhobby will manufacture ESC in future? Did they hire some of the old DYS staff? Cheers, Loko


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