Runcam Racer 4 FPV Camera – Supports DJI FPV System?

The Runcam Racer 4 FPV camera is a new FPV camera that works with both analogue and digital FPV systems (DJI). However, there’s some controversy surrounding that, let’s take a look at the specs and features in this post.

Where To Buy Racer 4 Camera


Accessories that are included in the box:

  • Spare Back Plate
  • Micro to Full Size Adapter
  • 6-pin silicone cable
  • screws
  • Manual

Specs and Features

  • Resolution:
  • Lens 1.8mm FOV160°
  • Input Voltage
    • Analog: DC 5-36V
    • Digital: DC 3.3V (no need to worry about it)
  • Power and Current (1.1W)
  • Supports both 4:3 and 16:9 aspect ratio in Analog mode, but only 16:9 when used with DJI
  • NTSC and PAL switchable in analogue
  • Housing Material: ABS
  • Net Weight: 6.2g
  • Dimensions: 19mm (L)*19mm (W) *20mm (H)

Closer Look

When I took the Runcam Racer 4 out of the box, it didn’t appear to be anything unusual than a typical FPV camera.

Exact same connector on the back of the camera, and you can do all the usual stuff like Joystick control and UART control etc.

But only when I saw that “DJI FPV” ribbon cable in the box, I realized it also supports digital! Taking the back plate off reveals connector for the ribbon cable.

The connection and wire are exactly the same as the DJI FPV camera and Nebula camera.

In the box it comes with a spare black back plate, there is a little hole for the ribbon cable to pass through.

The Racer 4 has the same size and capability as the Caddx Nebula Micro (as well as its Eachine Edition). The weight between the Racer 4 and Nebula Micro is about the same, however the Nebula Micro uses a M12 lens while the Racer 4 is only using M8 lens, bigger lens should always generate a nicer image. The Racer 4 is however about 2 grams lighter than the Eachine edition Nebula which weighs 8.4g.

It comes with an adapter, so you can mount this camera in a frame that only takes full size FPV camera with 27mm width (original camera width is 19mm). This is the one thing that is quite annoying with DJI’s FPV camera because of its non-standard 20x20mm width.

Not An Official Camera For DJI?

Right now, the Racer 4 works fine with DJI FPV system, but according to DJI, the Runcam Racer 4 is not officially supported. Here’s a statement from DJI Support on Facebook.

Caddx, the official partner with DJI who released the Vista VTX and Nebula camera, issued a rather serious statement, saying that they would block the Racer 4’s “UID” in the future so it cannot be used with DJI FPV system.

At the current firmware of the DJI FPV system, the Racer 4 works as expected with the DJI FPV system, but it’s hard to say if they will stop supporting it in future updates, guess we will have to wait and see.

But if you are getting the Racer 4 just for analog, it doesn’t matter at all. Runcam will soon discontinue the Racer 3 so the 4 would be the only option in the Racer series from Runcam.

And even if DJI doesn’t support this camera in the future, you can still use it for analog, so it’s not going to be completely useless. But I really hope Runcam and DJI can work on this together.

5 thoughts on “Runcam Racer 4 FPV Camera – Supports DJI FPV System?

  1. HobbytualRC

    DJI’s method is like of the APPLE/MAC principle. Hoping, some interaction with other companies too for better FPV experience, both companies must negotiate of somekind. It is also good for business. DJI is a credible company and have the digital edge for FPV competition, but in order to dominate, DJI needs to diversify the idea.

  2. John Saginario

    I understand both companies protecting their agreement and intellectual property, but shutting out competitors is dangerous and bad for consumers. DJI shed absolutely open up their technology to other companies. If digital fpv is to grow, the cameras and vtx’s need to be as prolific as they are for analog.

  3. Richard Amiss

    Agreements with CaddxFPV aside, It is extremely short sighted of DJI to not open up the Digital FPV system to other cameras and components. They would make exponentially more money overall.


    This Nebula micro customized by Eachine, the CADDX version should be 5.8 g,
    Racer4 is an M8 lens, not an M12 lens, this is not mentioned


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