Review: Runcam Racer 5 FPV Camera – First to have built-in Gyro!

by Oscar

Runcam just released a new FPV camera – the Runcam Racer 5. The most interesting feature of the Racer 5 is the built-in gyro that helps pilots set their camera angles exactly.

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Where to Buy?

You can get the Runcam Racer 5 Camera from these vendors:

Runcam Racer 5 Specifications

Here’s a list of specs of the Racer 5:

  • CMOS Sensor (unknown sensor size), 1000TVL
  • Two Lens options:
    • 1.8mm Lens, FOV 160°
    • 2.1mm lens: FOV 145°
  • 4:3 / 16:9 Switchable Aspect Ratio
  • NTSC / PAL Switchable
  • Supports Image Mirror and Flip
  • Integrated OSD
  • Built-in gyro
  • One Touch Scene Setting: Personal and Lightrax (for indoor racing and LED tracks)
  • Min. Illumination [email protected]
  • WDR Super WDR
  • Supports Black and White, and Color Image
  • Supports Camera control by Betaflight
  • Inputt Voltage: DC 5-36V
  • Power Consumption: 110mA@5V / 40mA@12V
  • Housing Material ABS
  • Weight 6.1g
  • Dimensions L19mm*W19mm*H21mm

The specs are almost identical to the previous Racer 4, except the newly added gyro, so you should expect similar image performance. I will explain what they gyro does shortly.

What’s Special About Runcam Racer 5?

If you are following our FPV news closely, you are probably wondering why Runcam released a new version of the Racer so soon, after all they only just released the Racer 4 a few months ago.

Well, the main feature of the Racer 4 was the support for DJI FPV system, similar to what the Caddx Nebula, they can be used for both DJI FPV digital and analog systems. But some companies weren’t too happy about it and warned to sue Runcam. I guess that’s probably why Runcam decided to make a new version that no longer support the DJI FPV system.

Runcam Racer 5 fpv camera vs racer 4

They didn’t just remove the DJI support, the Runcam Racer 5 actually brought something new to the table.

It’s the first FPV camera ever that has a gyroscope built into it! By connecting it to your flight controller, it displays the current camera angle in OSD (either in the camera’s own OSD, or through Betaflight OSD). This allows you to set your camera tilt angle exactly to your preference, no more trial and error, and “guesstimation.

Runcam Racer 5 fpv camera

Another great new feature would be the possibility of updating camera firmware through Speedybee Android and iOS App. Back in the days, whenever there is slight change in firmware, we have to buy a brand new camera as there was no way to update them. With the Android app you can use a USB cable to connect between your phone and the flight controller. But with iOS you need this WiFi adapter as they don’t support OTG.

Beware that the Racer 5 doesn’t have voltage detection built-in to display your battery voltage on screen (OSD), you have to use Betaflight OSD for that.

There is UART connection to the flight controller so you can adjust camera settings using your radio sticks. This is a feature supported by Betaflight only. You can also change settings with one of those dongles from Runcam by connecting it to the “OSD” pin on the camera.

Runcam Racer 5 Image Testing

Judge for yourself.

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