Review: GoPro Lite Case V2 from BetaFPV – 26g GoPro

BetaFPV just released the V2 of their Naked GoPro case (GoPro Lite) with some great improvements from the original design. Let me walk through the changes in this post.

See my review of the original GoPro Lite case (V1).

The Best Naked GoPro Case So Far?

The GoPro Lite is basically a stripped down GoPro Hero 6 (aka “naked GoPro”) in a much lighter case. The total weight of the GoPro is reduced from the original 117g to just under 26g with the new V2 case.

I really like the idea of the GoPro Lite case, because you can remove it from the quad easily, and use it on different quads like an ordinary GoPro. Unlike the Umma85/95, where the GoPro is designed to pretty much stay inside the quad permanently. The V2 is very cleverly designed, and they made it so much easier to assemble and use as well, just great stuff :)

Where to Buy GoPro Lite Case V2


BetaFPV used to sell the GoPro Lite V1 as a whole package – including the de-cased GoPro. But they are not doing it anymore with the V2, you can only get the case and you’d have to get the GoPro Hero 6 and take it apart yourself, but it’s not really that difficult.

In fact you can put together a naked GoPro from spare parts and save yourself going through the trouble of decasing it. But you do need the screen for setting the GoPro up and testing from time to time, so it’s helpful to tear down your first one so you have a spare touch screen.

They come with a BEC board that plug straight onto the GoPro motherboard. The BEC board powers the GoPro directly from a LiPo battery (2S to 4S), and it saves you from connecting (and soldering) an external BEC, which is extremely handy.

The supplied BEC board is V1.1, but according to BetaFPV, not much has changed from the original V1.0 apart from the added spacers on the PCB (in the form of tiny capacitors around the screw holes).

Hero 6 BEC Board, V1.0 on the Left, V1.1 on the Right

If you want to learn all the tips and tricks about using Naked GoPro, make sure to check out this guide.

Features of the GoPro Lite V2 Case

The V2 case weighs only about 6.7g, while the V1 weighs 8.9g, so it saves just a little over 2g of weight, not huge, but every gram counts on a small aircraft.

No more amateur-like 3D printed parts, the whole case is made of injection molded plastic with much tighter tolerance.

Some people have concern over durability because of the missing carbon fibre plate. I think the new design is just as durable if not more, because the original carbon fibre plate was only 0.9mm thick anyway, so it wasn’t super strong to begin with.

With that said, I would not recommend putting the naked GoPro on a 5″ racing drone, AT ALL! 5″ are too fast and too heavy, any impact would be deadly for the camera. Only use it on a slow and light weight micro quad, like the Beta95X.

The V2 has similar dimensions to the previous version, so the original TPU mounts still work fine with the V2 case.

Assembling the GoPro Lite V2 is made easier due to the fewer parts and screws, took me 10 minutes to build mine :)

First off, make sure you remove the rubber ring on the lens first.

Install the provided BEC board on the GoPro Hero 6 motherboard like so.

Push the lens and PCB into the front plate.

And put on the screws as shown in the manual:

Install the back plate and that’s all.

It has a nice SD card anti-ejection mechanism.

HDMI port is easily accessible, as well as the connectors for the touch screen.

There is no soldering involved, all that’s left to do now is connecting power with the 3-pin cable provided. You can use up to 4S LiPo to power the BEC board, and it will convert it down to 5V for the GoPro.

It has a nice and bright LED indicator on the BEC board, just like the original GoPro before the tear down.

The yellow cable is meant for controlling the GoPro’s record button from your radio, but I personally don’t use/connect it because it often causes problems (GoPro get stuck, LED stays solid and doesn’t do anything).

The power and record buttons are easy to use anyway, so no need for any other control methods really :)

The coolest feature has to be the ND filter option. You can now use ND filters for the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom with the Naked GoPro Case V2. These have much smaller form factor than the original Hero 6 ND filters, also lighter and causes less air resistance, hopefully less likely to get damaged too.

However there are reports that some cheap Mavic 2 Zoom ND filters don’t fit the case properly because they have a smaller inner diameter, so the filter can’t be pushed all the way in and results in massive vignette in the corners.

If you want to avoid surprises, maybe grab these ND filters directly from BetaFPV:

I haven’t tested them yet, but if they are selling them with the case, I guess they should work nicely.

4 thoughts on “Review: GoPro Lite Case V2 from BetaFPV – 26g GoPro

  1. Mario

    I’m wondering if the GoPro 5 can be undressed and installed in the V2 case, all I see isGP6 this GP6 that blah blah. why not the GP5 black, it’s what i have. Also is the HGLRC Sector 132 good to use the Naked GP on?


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