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Convert 30fps footage into 60fps Smooth Video using GoPro Flux | Quadcopter FPV

I am very impressed by how well 60fps recording works in Youtube and Vimeo, a increasingly popular feature that comes with the new GoPro Hero 4 cameras and GoPro Hero 3+ Black edition. You can tell straight away it’s 60fps and not 30fps when watching in HD, it’s a lot smoother. In this post, I will show you how to convert 30fps footage into “real” 60fps. By “real” I mean not only the increase in frame rate number, but you will also notice the improvement in video quality. Read More

GoPro Hero4 Camera For Quadcopter FPV? Upgrade from Hero3+

GoPro Hero4 was finally released this month. There are already many videos, reviews and discussions going on about this new camera. We are going to look at the video quality, battery life and decide weather it’s worth getting the GoPro4 camera, for Quadcopter FPV and multicopter aerial photography purposes.

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GoPro Camera Protective Lens For FPV

GoPro Camera Protective Lens Cover For Quadcopter FPV

GoPro is probably one of the most popular cameras used on quadcopters for FPV recording. Actually it does not only apply to just quadcopter, but any other RC aircraft too, fixed wings, multicopters. For the best protection from water, mud, and scratches, the GoPro camera is often put inside of the protective case, and install the case directly on the frame.

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