Review: Flywoo Naked GoPro V2 – Lightweight Action Camera Without Compromise

by Oscar
Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera

As someone who has tested almost every naked GoPro case on the market, I was intrigued when Flywoo sent me their new V2 for review. Stripping down a GoPro to save weight usually means giving up some features, but the Flywoo Naked GoPro V2 almost functions like the full size GoPro at a fraction of the original weight. Let’s dive into what makes this new case a potential game-changer.

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Why Naked GoPro?

A naked GoPro weighs only one-third of the original camera, making it ideal for FPV drones, especially micro cinewhoops that weigh under 250 grams.

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Front Screen

For analog pilots, using a GoPro makes sense. But for DJI pilots, is the O3 camera not good enough? The gap in image quality is quite close, and it’s certainly good enough for many people. However, having a second dedicated HD camera is still beneficial because you can optimize the GoPro settings for video quality while keeping the best settings for flying on the O3 camera.

Flywoo Gp9 Naked Gopro Fpv Action Camera H20 Hexacopter

Where to Buy?

The Flywoo Naked GoPro V2 is available for Hero 9, 10, 11, and 12. Prices start at $349.99 for the Hero 9 and go up to $589.99 for the Hero 12.

Get the Flywoo Naked GoPro V2 here:

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Unbox Accessories

In the kit, you’ll find:

  • Flywoo stickers
  • Cleaning wipes
  • Various cables including a power adapter
  • A battery adapter for the camera
  • A TPU mount and additional brackets for mounting
  • The converted GoPro unit
  • A detachable display module

You can buy the DIY kit for just $89.99 if you don’t mind disassembling your own GoPro. However, according to people who have done it, it’s extremely difficult due to the lack of instructions. Personally, I recommend getting the fully assembled naked GoPro to save yourself the hassle.

Build Quality and Design

The front part of the Flywoo case is made of CNC aluminum, providing robust protection and excellent heat dissipation, while the back is injection-molded plastic. The metal construction sets it apart from many other counterparts that use only plastic for the housing. The V2 case retains the same functions as the original GoPro but at only one-third of the weight. Very impressive!

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera

The front of the case features a color display that gives you a preview.

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Front Screen

The removable lens protector is compatible with ND filters from the Flywoo Naked GoPro v1.

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Lens

The grooves underneath the lens and the ventilation on the back, including a primary fan, help keep the internals cool.

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Sd Card

The buttons and connectors are located on the back. There’s also a cooling fan just like the original version.

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Back

Weight Comparison:

  • Flywoo Naked GoPro V1 (GoPro 9): 45g
  • Flywoo Naked GoPro V2 (GoPro 9): 49g

Size Comparison:

  • V1: 67mm*48mm*20mm
  • V2: 66mm*42mm*22mm

Although the V2 is smaller in dimensions than its predecessor, it’s about 4 grams heavier due to the more crash-resistant aluminium front housing.

For more information about the V1, see my previous review:

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Compare Original V1 Size

Key Features

Magnetic Firmware Update Port: There’s a magnetic port to attach the original GoPro battery, which is required for firmware updates. However, the original GoPro battery isn’t included in the kit, so you will probably have to get one from places like eBay if you are buying a ready-made naked GoPro from Flywoo. The included cable attaches easily, making firmware updates straightforward without fumbling with ribbon cables.

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Firmware Update Magnetic Connector Original Battery

USB-C Port for Back Touch Screen: My favorite feature is probably the USB-C port that allows you to connect the back screen to the GoPro. This makes changing camera settings much easier in the field. However, the back screen needs to be purchased separately from Flywoo.

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Back Screen Display Settings

Mounting Options: The Flywoo case includes multiple mounting points, allowing for various configurations. It features standard GoPro-sized mounts as well as smaller mounts. These mounting points on the sides and bottom provide flexibility for different filming needs, including vertical orientation for social media and the traditional horizontal orientation. It also comes with 3D printed TPU holder if you want to be able to remove the gopro from your drones more easily.

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Mount Options

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera 3d Print Holder Mount

Power and Connectivity: There are various ways to power the Flywoo Naked GoPro. You can solder wires directly to your flight controller or use the provided adapter to get power from the LiPo battery balance lead. It supports a wide range of voltage inputs (2S to 6S), making it versatile for various setups.

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Power Cable Solder

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Power Lipo 6s Balance

Practical Use and Performance

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera

Using the Flywoo V2.0 case has been a breeze. The ease of updating firmware and changing settings on the fly with the screen connection has been a significant improvement over the V1 case. The GoPro Labs firmware is pre-installed on the camera which enhances usability, such as allowing barcode scanning for quick settings adjustments. With Bluetooth connectivity, you can also control the camera using the GoPro Quik app on your phone or use the detachable screen for on-the-go changes.

The metal construction adds durability and helps prevent overheating, a common issue with many naked GoPros. During my flights, I experienced no overheating issues, even while filming in 4K at 60fps and high bitrate. The fan on the back of the case ensures that the GoPro remains cool, even during extended use.

Here’s the included manual:

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera Manual Instructions

3D Printed Storage Box

Flywoo offers a 3D printed box for the whole Naked GoPro setup, it has dedicated storage for the camera, back screen, ND filters, cables and SD cards. Get it here:

Flywoo Naked Gopro V2 Hero 9 Action Camera 3d Print Box

Final Thoughts

Given the niche market, I am not sure if Flywoo actually makes enough money to cover the cost of R&D for this product, but they have truly knocked it out of the park with their V2.0 case. The build quality, ease of use, and thoughtful design features make it a standout option for anyone using naked GoPros for FPV work. However, make sure to get the finished camera though; the DIY kit is perhaps a bit too challenging for the average pilots.

Get the Flywoo Naked GoPro V2 here:

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