Repairing Broken Balance Connector in Lipo Battery

Lipo battery balance plug can sometimes be damaged by spinning propellers in flight. it’s extremely unsafe to use this LiPo with a broken balance lead as it can short itself easily and cause fire. In this article I will show you how I fixed mine.

What’s Balance Lead For?

The balance connector allows you to check the voltage of each cell in a LiPo battery. This is especially important for “balance charging”.

For more info about LiPo battery, check out my tutorial.

Here are examples of a 4S and a 2S LiPo batteries, how the balance lead is connected to each cell.

What to Do with Damaged Balance Lead?

If you have a damaged balance connector, you should first check the voltages of all the cells and make sure they are within safe range. A broken balance connector could get shorted and over-discharged. In which case you should decide whether you want to fix it, or just dispose it.

Here is how to dispose a LiPo battery safely.

If there is no sign of physical damage to the rest of the pack, and all the cells are fine, you can then proceed to fix or replace the broken balance connector.

Buy and Replace Balance Plug

Whenever you can, replace the broken balance plug with a new one.

Where to buy

All you have to do is to start with the lowest wire (ground – usually black) and work your way up to the highest that will give you the wire order they should be in.

Make sure you transfer from the old connector to the new ONE WIRE at a time. Otherwise it’s very easy to short two exposed wires. Put heatshrink tube in before moving to the next wire.

It’s unlikely, but if you do get confused about which wire/cell you are working on, just check with a multimeter. Put the multimeter on DC Volts, put one probe at the black wire in the XT60 discharge lead, and put the other probe at the wire you are working on. Each wire in the balance lead will give you a different voltage reading.

Balance Plug Protector

These “LiPo balance connector savers” exist for protecting your balance lead.

You can get them from:

They do provide protection to certain extent, but they don’t make your balance connector bullet proof. The exposed bit can still get damaged in some situations.

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9 thoughts on “Repairing Broken Balance Connector in Lipo Battery

  1. Mahgninnuc1

    You are using my images in your article please remove them. They are the line drawings of the cell layouts and how to wire them. Make your own schematics or start paying me royalties.

  2. Kenneth

    Is the red wire connected to the first or last cell??
    In your illustration, it is to the first, but most other do it opposite

  3. david Knowlton

    If its not beat up too bad you can just depin it and put the pins in a new plug. It looks like it was never beoken.

  4. Ricardo Smits

    Hi Oscar,

    The best thing is offcourse to make sure it never happens again.. I bought some beepers that plugs in the balance plug. I hot glued the beeper to my frame and when I am flying I plug the balance plug in it. Looks super neat and only adds a few gram.

      1. Thomas Butler

        Hi Oscar,
        I think he means a battery cell checker. All its there to do is hold the balance lead away from props

  5. Ryan

    Yeah, make sure you don’t cut more than one wire at a time, made that mistake once with scissors and shocked the hell out of myself and killed the battery


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