Repair Balance Plug for Lipo Battery | RC Multirotor 2S 3S 4S

Lipo battery balance plug can sometimes be damaged by spinning propellers in flight. it’s extremely unsafe to use this LiPo with a broken balance lead as it can short itself easily and cause fire. In this article I will show you how I fixed mine.

Damaged Balance Lead? Don’t Panic!

If you have a damaged balance plug, first check the voltage of all cell and make sure they are all healthy. If they are you don’t have to buy a new LiPo battery, and you can simply just fix the balance plug.

The best solution is to replace the balance plug, but if the plug isn’t damaged badly, you can attempt to fix it with Epoxy Glue. For some really badly damaged ones where 4 out of 5 pins were exposed, I still managed to fix them this way. Of course this is not recommended, I only do it to keep me going for a few more charges before the delivery of my new plugs.

Buy and Replace Balance Plug

Whenever you can, replace the broken balance plug with a new one.

Where to buy

It’s very straight forward, the key is to replace ONLY 1 WIRE at a time. This prevents the wires from touching each other and causing shorts.

fixing repair replace cut damaged broken lipo balancer.jpg fixing repair replace damaged broken lipo balancer solder fixing repair replace damaged broken lipo balancer good as new

And she’s as good as new :D Always buy spare balance plugs with new LiPo batteries !

Repair LiPo Balance Plug using Epoxy Glue

The Epoxy I used is the 15-minute one. Mixi them well, and leave it for 5 to 10 mins to get a bit more sticky. It’s harder to work with when it’s runny.

I have lots of these spare jumper wire pins laying around which I saved from previous projects. Before applying the glue, I plug a jumper pin in where the glue is going to go. This stops the glue from going into the pin hole and affects conductivity later. Be aware to make sure there is no way the metal part of your your jumper pins can touch each other, which could cause short circuit and even fire!

Once applied the Epoxy, leave it to solidify. Just before it’s completely dried, you should still be able to modify the shape of the glue with your finger tip.

epoxy glue mixing fixing repair damaged broken lipo balancer glue

fixing repair damaged broken lipo balancer fixing repair damaged broken lipo balancer with epoxy

And it’s working for another day! Of course I would not recommend this method as it’s quite risky, so do it at your own risk!

Balance Plug Protector

I put some Lipo balance plug saver on, they can take some beating, but don’t always stop it from damaging your plug. It’s good to have anyway.

lipo balance plug saver lipo balance plug saver 4s damaged broken lipo balance plug saver 4s

Where to buy:

7 thoughts on “Repair Balance Plug for Lipo Battery | RC Multirotor 2S 3S 4S

  1. david Knowlton

    If its not beat up too bad you can just depin it and put the pins in a new plug. It looks like it was never beoken.

  2. Ricardo Smits

    Hi Oscar,

    The best thing is offcourse to make sure it never happens again.. I bought some beepers that plugs in the balance plug. I hot glued the beeper to my frame and when I am flying I plug the balance plug in it. Looks super neat and only adds a few gram.

      1. Thomas Butler

        Hi Oscar,
        I think he means a battery cell checker. All its there to do is hold the balance lead away from props

  3. Ryan

    Yeah, make sure you don’t cut more than one wire at a time, made that mistake once with scissors and shocked the hell out of myself and killed the battery


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