How to Flash Skyzone SKY03/SKY03S/SKY03O Goggles Firmware

One great thing about the Skyzone SKY03, SKY03S and SKY03O FPV goggles is that you can update the firmware for bug fixes and new features. In this post I will show you how to flash firmware on the SKY03 series goggles.

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How to Update SKY03/SKY03S/SKY03O Goggles Firmware

Before updating, go to system version in the menu, and write down the current version. This is to verify if the update has been successful in the end.

Download the latest firmware here:

Connect the goggles to your computer via the USB port (located on the bottom of the goggles), and plug in the battery but DON’T power it on yet.

There is a small button hidden inside the left head strap hook. You have to hold down this button with a tiny screw driver or needle, then press the power button to turn on the goggles. You can now release the “hidden button”.

It can be difficult to see or reach the button, but pressing it makes an audible “click”.

Your computer should now automatically install the driver for the goggles, and you will find a removable storage appearing on your computer.

Copy these firmware files to the newly added drive (Not the SD card):

  • SKY03*_ST32_APP_V******.bin
  • SKY03*_TW_APP_V******.bin

Note: ****** is the version number

The files are not big, but the copying can take a while, around 30-60 seconds, because it’s installing the update at the same time. Once the files are finished copying, give it a few more seconds, then unplug the battery. Restart the goggles to check system version and see if it’s been updated.

DVR Update

The DVR firmware needs to be updated separately.

  1. Take a TF card (micro SD card), and format the card to FAT32
  2. Download the DVR firmware from the link at the beginning of this tutorial, the file you need is “FIRMWARE_F”
  3. Copy the file to the SD card, insert it in the goggles and turn it on
  4. Go to the system menu and choose DVR FM upgrade

It will take 1-2 minutes to update the DVR, don’t turn the goggles off during the update.

7 thoughts on “How to Flash Skyzone SKY03/SKY03S/SKY03O Goggles Firmware

  1. Nad

    Hi Oscar, I tried upgrading the firmware for the sky03o. After copying the files to the new drive, I unplugged the cables and plug it back in and tried to switch on my goggles but there was nothing on the screen. There was a beep sound if I long press the power button but that’s it. The goggles worked fine before I tried to update the firmware. Please advise on what I should do.

    1. Oscar Post author

      You probably have flashed the wrong firmware.
      Skyzone somehow took the SKY03O firmware download link down today or yesterday, so you probably downloaded the SKY03 which is a different goggles. I have no idea why they did it (Face Palm)
      I’ve asked them fix the download link, hopefully when you flash the goggles again with the correct firmware it will work again. If you still have issues please contact Skyzone’s customer support.

  2. Oscar

    To Norman Brisson,
    Use a torch to light up the hole, you should see a push button facing side way. You will need something that is tiny and long to reach the button.

  3. Norman Brisson

    Hello, for some reason I cannot see the hidden switch, would I need to dismantle it to see
    more inside for this switch? For such an engineered product this fw upgrade protocol is
    so back time.

    Many Thanks

  4. Arif

    hi, do you have this firmware version? FW1: v1.1.8
    FW2: v1.3.0
    FW3. v01.01.00.08
    HW. v1.2.3.6,
    because the firmware sent by Skyzone is lower than what I previously had
    FW1: v1.1.7
    FW2: V1.2.9
    HW: (as I mentioned above) and the serial number is gone


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