EdgeTX vs OpenTX: Which Radio System is Better?

by Oscar
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EdgeTX and OpenTX are both popular open-source firmware options for radio control systems used in the RC hobby. Both offer numerous features and customization options, but which one is better for your needs? This article breaks down the differences between EdgeTX and OpenTX, helping you make an informed decision on the best radio system for your RC adventures.

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Differences Between OpenTX and EdgeTX

OpenTX: A Time-Tested Firmware for RC Enthusiasts

  • Well-established firmware, widely used in the RC community
  • Supports a vast range of radio transmitters, including popular brands like FrSky, Jumper, and RadioMaster
  • Offers advanced customization options, such as creating custom mixes, adjusting rates and expo, and setting up telemetry data
  • Large user base and extensive documentation make troubleshooting and learning easier

EdgeTX: A Cutting-Edge Alternative

  • Fork of the OpenTX project, building upon its foundation with new features and improvements
  • Touchscreen support for compatible radio transmitters, providing a more intuitive user interface
  • Enhanced Lua script functionality for further customization and advanced features
  • Actively developed and maintained, promising future enhancements and optimizations
  • Smaller user base, but growing community and support network

Why EdgeTX Outperforms OpenTX

EdgeTX presents several advantages over OpenTX, not only due to its faster development pace but also thanks to a growing list of innovative features. While the list is still growing, let’s explore some of the key benefits that EdgeTX has to offer right now.

Frequent Updates

Throughout 2022, OpenTX has seen limited development, leading to ongoing speculation about its future in the community. EdgeTX, on the other hand, provides consistent new features and bug fixes, making it the preferred choice for users seeking regular updates.

500Hz Gimbal Polling

For RC systems running at 500Hz or higher update rates, such as ImmersionRC Ghost and ExpressLRS, EdgeTX’s 500Hz gimbal polling is a significant advantage. This feature reduces latency in gimbal commands and maximizes performance potential.

Touchscreen Support

With EdgeTX, touchscreen functionality is now available on the Radiomaster TX16S! This feature offers several useful capabilities:

  • Tap any open space on the home screen to access the menu, which includes Select Model, Channel Monitor, Model Settings, Radio Settings, and more.
  • Swipe left or right on the home screen to switch screens without using buttons.
  • Double-tap a widget to enter full-screen mode (or long-press and select full screen) for enhanced widget/scripted app development possibilities.

Once you become familiar with the touchscreen, it significantly accelerates navigation and configuration.

Enhanced User Interface

EdgeTX boasts touchscreen support, making navigation and configuration more user-friendly compared to OpenTX’s traditional button navigation. This modernized interface offers a more intuitive experience for users.

The new interface in EdgeTX is visually impressive, as demonstrated in the model profile.

Edgetx Flash 9 Touch Screen Menu

This is the model profile.

Edgetx Flash 11 Models Menu

No More Inverter Mod Required on QX7

Radios with slow inverter circuits, such as the Frsky QX7, often require a hardware inverter mod to run CRSF protocols like Crossfire and ExpressLRS. This modification involves soldering on the PCB. However, with EdgeTX, the need for this mod is eliminated. The issue is now addressed in the software by enabling OneBit Mode.

Reduced Latency in FPV Sims

While using OpenTX, the latency of your controls in FPV simulators on a computer can be quite high. EdgeTX has managed to significantly reduce this latency in its software. Improved control latency directly influences the feel and physics of the simulator, ultimately enhancing your training experience.

Flysky NV14 Support

EdgeTX offers full support for the Flysky NV14 (Nirvana), which previously required a custom firmware since the standard OpenTX firmware did not support it.


Customizing themes in EdgeTX is much easier, thanks to its theme editor and a selection of default themes. There’s even a theme library, allowing you to download and try out various themes created by the community.


Which system should you choose? The clear winner is EdgeTX.

OpenTX development has largely stagnated, with the last release dating back to April 2022, as evidenced by its GitHub repository. EdgeTX has now taken the lead as the most popular radio system, with the majority of today’s radios shipping with EdgeTX installed. If you haven’t made the switch to EdgeTX, you’re missing out on numerous innovative features

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Alfindo 30th June 2023 - 4:51 am

Hallo OscarLiang, I want to ask something about this post, since ELRS launch 1000hz packet rate, is it EdgeTX support to 1000Hz gimbal polling too?

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